Hottest Jeans Brand Right Now: Frame Denim

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If you still swear on Current Elliott, it’s time to consider a radical change in your wardrobe as the jeans you want to wear right now must come from Frame Denim!

It’s the latest denim trend brought by our favorite celebrities who all switched to Frame Denim all of a sudden. Now: either their items are revolutionary as to convince so many famous people to wear them, either their marketing team must be one of the best ever as they succeeded in establishing Frame Denim in just two years as the leading Jeans brand for those who want to keep up to fashion date!

frame denim looks Erin Wasson

So who’s behind Frame Denim and why are their jeans worth your while more than others? Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson, two Swedes based in London founded FRAME in 2012. They were active in the fashion industry through The Saturday Group, a marketing empire they started building together in 2003 and is presently one of the world’s leading fashion marketing agencies, also publishers of ‘Industrie’ magazine.

must have jeans right now Frame denim owners

(my theory about the brilliance of the marketing team behind Frame now is beginning to sound plausible, doesn’t it? Magically, though, their website isn’t all functional momentarily, aside from the homepage where examples of the group’s vast work is shown in a painfully long, fashionable slideshow.)

Frame denim 2014 collection lookbook Erin Wasson

Erin Wasson is the face of Frame Denim’s Spring Summer 2014 campaign photographed by Erik Torstensson

Erin Wasson Frame denim 2014

Now that we know who’s behind the label, let’s see if we can find out more about what makes Frame Denim so popular, literally, the fabrics and the seams. Presently I have yet to try and get my legs into one of their stylish pairs of jeans to give you my personal review, so let’s stick to the official facts (the day I’ll try them, I’ll let you know how they feel and if they’re really worth the hype). Produced in Los Angeles USA (now that’s already a plus) with, that they describe as:

‘[…] an all star line up. From design, to wash houses and cut & sew, the best people in their field have all come together to make an unrivaled product in quality and price.’

By now, all other brands must produce very low quality products if we’re to believe that the crème-de la – crème is currently on FRAME denim’s team…

Frame denim 2014 Erin Wasson

styled by Simon Robins, Erin Wasson is a true lesson in contemporary denim culture in Frame Denim SS14 Campaign

Frame Denim 2014 Erin Wasson lookbook

Another plus is that since 2013 they developed a line of products destined for tall women. The collection is the fruit of a wonderful collaboration between FRAME and Karlie Kloss (who’s notorious for her really slender 6’1” frame) and the lookbook is pretty inviting, I must admit!

Karlie Kloss frame denim collection

Karlie Kloss was photographed for her Frame Denim collection lookbook by none other than Erik Torstensson

Karlie Kloss frame denim tall women

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But there’s no review, no wear-and-tear journal of the Frame Denim. All we have is countless reports on their jeans being stars favorite! Models (Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Cara Delevingne , Alessandra Ambrosio), actresses (Ashley Greene, Amanda Seyfried), entertainers (Rihanna, Kloe Kardashian, Beyonce), everybody and their mother is wearing jeans from FRAME. Especially Le Skinny de Jeanne, their most prized model that retails for almost $300. A pair.

models favorite jeans frame denim skinny de jeanne

Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Cara Delevingne and Alessandra Ambrosio are just a few of the models seen wearing Frame denim

But since celebrities earn their living by being just that – famous, Frame could’ve gotten away with just the hype if everyone who’s someone became their jeans fan overnight because it pays the bills. After all, the founders themselves admitted that their jeans aren’t necessarily revolutionary but that the denim industry was becoming too ‘corporate’ and before their brand, jeans lacked ‘a sense of emotion’. Does emotion, celebrity and $300 guarantee the best product there is?

celebrities favorite jeans Frame denim

Beyonce, Rihanna, Amanda Seyfried, Ashley Greene and Kloe Kardashian are just some of the celebrities who were photographed wearing Frame Denim


#1 Ana on 03.24.14 at 1:40 pm

They must be really good if Rihanna was convinced , for once, to wear trousers.

#2 kpriss on 03.25.14 at 12:21 am

oh Ana! I missed your wit and sense of fun! Amazing observation! <3

#3 Ana on 03.25.14 at 5:00 am

They do look really good on Heidi and Doutzen.
300 sounds a tad pricey but then , if they fit that well it is quite an investment, isn’t it ? My jeans lasts forever.

#4 kpriss on 03.25.14 at 7:52 am

True, but I found that (my) skinny jeans only last a wear or two after washing them. Then I have to wash them again because they don’t look as good. I can’t explain, really… It’s the elasticity… Maybe Frame doesn’t have the same issues? Or maybe others simply don’t care as much as I do?

But I strongly dislike throwing money out the window, just because the label has pompous writing on it and every a-lister wears it…

What’s your favorite (jeans) brand, Ana?

#5 Ana on 03.25.14 at 10:09 am

I don’t wear jeans that much. But I love my Diesels ( around 100€ only ). Second are my Stella’s ( the tomboy distressed style, still cheaper than Frame ) and then my Calvins and Ralphs.
Anything up to 200€ is abusive to my wallet.

#6 kpriss on 03.27.14 at 11:23 am

Totally understand!
– the reason why I dwelled more into the topic and came with Kate Moss’s preferences today :)

#7 Ellington on 03.29.14 at 1:08 pm

Nice jeans but what’s with the slouchy slacker poses?

#8 Appollonia on 03.31.14 at 1:52 pm

Expensive ripped jeans are beyond ridiculous. Buy a pair old jeans in a thrift store or use old ones and be creative with the scissor. Gosh, it seems so loooooooong ago we wore ripped jeans that were really old, not fake. Just saying. :P

#9 kpriss on 04.01.14 at 8:10 am

my trusted Gap straight legs have a huuuuge rip on one of the knees and I wear them dearly, especially when I go to concerts <3 I have tshirts that got accidental holes in them because I stuffed too many things in the washing machine (hides face) and so I realized I don't have to invest in ripped new tshirts because I have my old 'trashed' ones, styled by moi lol!

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