Dare To Wear Feathered Jewelry By SpiritTribe?

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As we entered the month of April, the countdown to Coachella is officially on as the ultra-hyped festival taking place in Indio California (USA) kickstarts its 2014 edition on April 11 (OutKast, Muse and Arcade Fire are just a few of the main attractions) For Europe, its most famed festival is still ol’ Glastonbury which kicks off in June. But that’s just the beginning!

More and more music festivals sprout as the summer approaches and the first fashion rule of Music Festivals is that there is no fashion rule! Hippie, boho, rock, punk and so much more can be seen together, enjoying live music and outdoors summer fun. My style falls at the intersection of gypsy hippie and boho, especially for summer festivals! Thus, The SpiritTribe jewelry seem the perfect way to accessorize my festival looks!

festival jewelry inspiration SpiritTribe

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I came across Takoda Rain’s store, SpiritTribe, while searching for inspiration and her creations felt so close to my heart and truly creative, I just had to include them in our beloved Dare To Wear selection! Earrings, necklaces, headwear or dreamcatchers, it’s all handmade with love and consideration in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA).

SpiritTribe feathered jewelry

I love feathers, I love the artisanal look and feel of these jewelry and I love that they come with a story as some of them are fashioned after a symbol, a belief or a famous person. Knowing what inspired the creation of anything holds a fascinating power over me and I usually choose things to wear, to listen or even to eat because of the story behind any of them.

feathered jewelry Spirit Tribe

‘Spirit tribe was born in 2009 and inspired by the earth, the elements and spirit. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to share my work […]. This has become my love, my job […]. Made with seriously good vibes, high quality material and healing intention. By Takoda Rain’

feathered earring Spirit Tribe

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There’s more than aesthetics with SpiritTribe, there’s a bit of magic with every feather, stone or metal in those creations and they could make a fantastic add-on for those long festival nights! (if you want to keep up with SpiritTribe’s creations, you can do so on etsy or FB; photography by Audrey Darrel)

feathered earrings Spirit Tribe

feathered festival jewelry Spirit Tribe

feathered arm piece Spirit Tribe

feathered earcuff SpiritTribe


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