DIY Flowers And Pearls Headbands

First day of Spring! This is yet! What better way to mark this moment than with a simple, yet beautiful and versatile flowery headband which can be worn I a multitude of occasions by both young girls and women alike! Even if you’re not the headband type, scroll down and look at the pictures, maybe some idea will pop up and you can find the right accessory inspiration for you!

I was commissioned by my sweet daughter to make a handful of headbands for her dance class girls (and for her, biensur) so I happily squeezed some time between the green peas and the chocolate & raisins baguettes to plug in the glue gun and roll some tulle flowers!

how to diy flowers pearls headband red white

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Jason Bateman IWC Portofino Watch As Seen In The Longest Week

A slow, yet charming movie to begin the week with? Why, yes please! Peter Glanz wrote and directed The Longest Week, a movie you might’ve seen at the end of 2014 upon its theatrical release. What caught my fashion eye in this movie?

It’s a movie that relies heavily on the visual enchantment more that it does on its script. With costumes designed by Heidi Bivens, the fashion approach is dreamy, retro with a modern flavor and it will definitely remind you of Sofia Coppola or Wes Anderson’s movies! However, to break the too-sweet air of this romantic movie, I’ll be talking about the watch worn by Jason Bateman as Conrad Valmont in The Longest Week!

Jason Bateman watch The Longest Week movie

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DIY Burberry Fall Winter 2015 Pompom Bracelets For Less

Another day, another fashion show, another inspiration for a fun Do-It-Yourself fashion project! The Fall Winter 2015 2016 season sent beautiful designs on the catwalk but the moment I laid eyes on the Burberry fashion show, I knew I wanted those Pom-Pom bracelets!

Don’t you? I made a note to buy some supplies at the nearest craft store as soon as possible and moved on. Until today when I realized I may bypass the craft store entirely and use something I already have: an old burgundy scarf with a texture identical to the pom-poms! Hurray! Let’s get to DIY business!

diy Burberry bracelets

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Movie Inspired Fashion: Wes Anderson Accessories

Often overrated but never forgotten, our bags (and other small leather accessories) have so many tales to tale, so many dreams to carry! Oscar winning director Wes Anderson knows his way around storytelling and dreamcatching! Mix the two and you get:

Wes Anderson bags and accessories! Not since the happy days of Sofia Coppola releasing her designs for the Louis Vuitton maison I’ve been so excited about movies and practical fashion! Something in Wes Anderson’s mind works in mysterious and unique ways that enchant us all with their magic! From the latest Grand Budapest Hotel back to the Darjeeling Limited and the Royal Tenenbaums, Wes Anderson’s style is fabulous and unmissable!

movies fashion Wes Anderson bags

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3 Failproof Ways To Fix A Bad Hair Day

Bad hair day. It really not just your hair that’s having a bad day, isn’t it? Your bad day starts at the top of your hairtips and ends when you hide your hair under your pillow that evening! What if… you can change all that and have a Fabulous Day from your hair to your toes, all the way into the night?

Got your attention, didn’t I? But really, think about it: how many days would’ve gone great if it wasn’t for that bad hair? I know I went through pouts and tears, slamming and cursing every time my hair choose the highway over my way! Now let me show you the U-turns I take when my hair takes the interstate!

how to fix bad hair days easy

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DIY Chanel Couture Knit Cap For Less

This is where all the magic happens and Couture steps right into your wardrobe! This is where You Can Do the really amazing things you’ve seen in a fashion show!

Now after this short pep talk you might be tempted to believe that you can actually replicate most of the things you see on the runway. I would love that! But we’re taking baby steps and today we’re doing the Chanel Knit Cap as seen in the Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2015 collection shown this month in Paris. Thank you, Karl Lagerfeld, for the inspiration!

diy Chanel Couture knit cap beanie

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Spring Summer 2015 Shoes And Bags You Need: Haute Couture Spring 2015 Accessories Report

We just talked about the clothes seen in the Haute Couture shows for the Spring Summer 2015 season drawing the main trends lines for the next couple of months. Now let’s tackle the hot accessories: shoes and bags!

Buckles and straps, chunky heels, plastic and exotic materials and folk elements – these are the main coordinates of the new collections presented by the most appreciated fashion designers in their Couture approach. Unlikely couplings, classic silhouettes and deja-vu with new a new perfume, let’s see the new creations!

shoes bags trends couture spring summer 2015

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7 DIY Bags You Could Do Using Plain Tshirts!

Sometimes a DIY a day can keep the doctor away! Seriously – have you tried the magic of Do-it-yourself? There’s a really unique satisfaction to upcycling, transforming and adapting something you already own into something entirely new!

We’ve talked about diy tshirts before, and recycling them doesn’t stop at restyling or reinventing the actual tshirt but it can also be taken a step further: turning a tshirt into a bag! Here’s 6 different ways to do that:

7 bags from tshirts easy quick diy

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