DIY Chanel Couture Knit Cap For Less

This is where all the magic happens and Couture steps right into your wardrobe! This is where You Can Do the really amazing things you’ve seen in a fashion show!

Now after this short pep talk you might be tempted to believe that you can actually replicate most of the things you see on the runway. I would love that! But we’re taking baby steps and today we’re doing the Chanel Knit Cap as seen in the Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2015 collection shown this month in Paris. Thank you, Karl Lagerfeld, for the inspiration!

diy Chanel Couture knit cap beanie

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Spring Summer 2015 Shoes And Bags You Need: Haute Couture Spring 2015 Accessories Report

We just talked about the clothes seen in the Haute Couture shows for the Spring Summer 2015 season drawing the main trends lines for the next couple of months. Now let’s tackle the hot accessories: shoes and bags!

Buckles and straps, chunky heels, plastic and exotic materials and folk elements – these are the main coordinates of the new collections presented by the most appreciated fashion designers in their Couture approach. Unlikely couplings, classic silhouettes and deja-vu with new a new perfume, let’s see the new creations!

shoes bags trends couture spring summer 2015

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7 DIY Bags You Could Do Using Plain Tshirts!

Sometimes a DIY a day can keep the doctor away! Seriously – have you tried the magic of Do-it-yourself? There’s a really unique satisfaction to upcycling, transforming and adapting something you already own into something entirely new!

We’ve talked about diy tshirts before, and recycling them doesn’t stop at restyling or reinventing the actual tshirt but it can also be taken a step further: turning a tshirt into a bag! Here’s 6 different ways to do that:

7 bags from tshirts easy quick diy

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7 Spring Summer Trends From 2015 Haute Couture Shows

Haute Couture had but a week-long window opportunity to enchant us and remind us all what fashion is all about! The finest style and craftsmanship delivered from concentrate, in just a handful of clear trends you’ll be wearing this Spring-Summer!

From Chanel to Versace Atelier, the Haute Couture fashion shows were abundant in hints and revelatory fashion details that we’ll most certainly see developing into Red Carpet fixations and Summer wardrobe staples. In their original form or in more affordable/wearable declinations, the main 7 Haute Couture trends for the next season unfold before our eyes in shades and prints. Let’s all pin these down for they’ll be your wardrobe’s coordinates for the Spring Summer 2015 season!

Spring Summer 2015 trends Haute Couture

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2015 Oscars Beauty: New Hairdo Trend Alert!

After enjoying the movies and now the awards show, what’s left for us, Oscars viewers out there to do? Reminisce the trends and the highlights of the event! One of the things I noticed was a new hairdo!

A sort of punk-ish updo with just the superior section of the hair, the ‘crown’ as pros usually call it! Well, this Oscars hair-rising issue – which might’ve been caused by Neil Patrick Harris’ getting all undie-Birdman on the stage – is definitely a thing to replicate as it’s totally wearable and versatile – goes nicely with a casual look but also for fancier occasions – if it’s good enough for the Oscars, it’s good enough for us!

new hairdo trend oscars

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8 Most Uncomfortable Dresses At The 2015 Oscars

The 87th edition of the Academy Awards rolled out its fabulous Red Carpet and welcomed Hollywood’s highly talented and appreciated to an exquisitely glitzy and glamorous gala. Supposedly celebrating the movies people watched and loved most this Oscars session.

As we all came to understand over the years, the film industry is so much more than ‘moving pictures’! It’s a heavy oiled machinery ruminating on special effects and illusion to create the visual magic we’re so fond of! The Red Carpet makes no difference! All the stars walking down towards the Holywood & Highland Center auditorium wearing their best outfits and shining their best skin for our entertainment – yes! For viewers attention, some ladies in attendance may have a hard time enjoying the over 3 hours long Oscars theater show because of their outfits!

2015 Oscars red carpet report

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What Shoes You Need For Spring Summer 2015?

Some are still fighting the snow out their driveway, some, like myself, daydream about the upcoming seasons and plan ahead outfits and shopping lists!

Some useful tips for everyone who’s ignoring the day-to-day fashion reality and concentrate in the future (after all, the Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Week is running now)! It’s harder to play by size rules and determine what each one must wear, so footwear is definitely making all our lives brighter and easier to step up in the big fashion game! Let’s see what shoes you need to wear this Spring Summer 2015, straight from major houses ad campaigns:

what shoes you need for spring summer 2015

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Simple Style Tricks For Great Outfits: Unexpected Combinations!

Just like most things you mix and match, fashion has its break-out rules you need to follow to maximize the effect of the clothes you’re wearing! Mix and match, yes, but what and how?

This is a quick guide of the most used mix-and-match principles to apply for your daily outfits. It’s hardly rocket science, although the end result will dazzle and intrigue, enchant and amaze almost every time! Friends and strangers alike will most definitely notice your slick and personal approach to fashion!

personal style tips tricks mixing matching

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