Mothers, Would You Buy Maternity Lingerie From Dita Von Teese?

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Famous people are either (1) striving for fresh design ideas or simply (2) believe they can sell anything as long as it has their ‘fame’ label on it!

The latest example to date is Dita Von Teese! The 41 year-old entertainer has made a name for herself on the burlesque scene, performing around the world and taking the old-school glamour to a new height of popularity and appreciation. But do you know that Dita’s first workplace was in a lingerie boutique? Her passion for undergarments (corsets, lace and flirty items) pushed her further into the industry when she launched her own lingerie range with Wonderbra.

Dita von Teese nursing bra

However, being the perfectionist and visionary she is, Dita went on to create her own clothing label which, of course, includes underwear. The name, ‘Von Follies’, is now associated with a Maternity Lingerie line in collaboration with Destination Maternity (Elle MacPherson also designed for the brand).

Dita von Teese nursing lingerie

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Nursing Bras looking lovely and feminine from $39 and postpartum shapers from $30 are available in a limited collection that reminds women everywhere that being a mother and being a woman is complimentary and yes, you can be both even if you’re nursing your wee ones (seriously, regardless of being natural and good for the body, those white cotton nursing bras are as feminine as granny’s culottes!)

Dita von Teese Maternity underwear nursing bra Destination Maternity

this gorgeous nursing bra from Dita von Teese’s ‘Von Follies’ collection with Destination Maternity was modeled by Sarah Varacalli and only cost $42

Regardless, though: mothers are usually very sensitive about their new quality and nursing tends to get that motherhood feeling to its highest heights. Why would new mothers, in their nursing hormone frenzy, look towards Dita Von Teese who is … well, a lot of things, but not a mother?

Dita von Teese maternity lingerie collection nursing bra

gorgeous looking bras light-years away from the traditional nursing lingerie from Dita von Teese ‘Von Follies’ collection with Destination Maternity as seen above on model Sarah Varacalli can be purchased for $49

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postpartum shapers Dita von Teese Destination Maternity

these special looking postpartum shapers from Dita von Teese’s collection with Destination Maternity cost $30

Dita von Teese lingerie collection

Dita von Teese advertising for her own lingerie line

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