Interstellar Fashion Items Identified: Carhartt Jackets, Hamilton Watches For Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain

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When you’re going to see a Nolan movie, the least expected detail you’re likely to notice is something fashion-related. Especially when the said flick is titled ‘Interstellar’ and you’re crying for half of the 3 hours-long projection!

However, when you’ll hear that the costumes for Interstellar were supervised by Mary Zophres who was also responsible for Big Lebowski, Fargo, True Grit, Catch me if you can or Iron Man 2, your interest might take an unexpected twist! We’re talking iconic movies, thus fashion plays a defining role for the portrayal and remembrance of characters & overall atmosphere! What do you remember from Interstellar’s costumes?

Interstellar movie fashion items identified

Mary Zophres designed costumes for legendary movies

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Reliable. Work-hard, sturdy, neutral outfits! Earthly tones, work-like clothing, genderless for the most part, shapeless, classic clothes for everyday wear. You’re likely to have noticed the yellow-ish, brown jackets seen on the main characters. The action is set in an un-dated future, there’s no specification about when the action takes place, therefore the costumes design is tricky and deserves a special mention for being so discrete, yet so supportive of the main action & characters!

Matthew McConaughey Interstellar Carhartt Jacket

the classic Carhartt jacket as seen on Matthew McConaughey’s Coop character in Interstellar is available here

We’ve touched the topic of undeniably commercial value of Carhartt’s jackets for Sci-Fi movies before – remember Loop – the main character was wearing a chocolate-brown Carhartt jacket. Matthew McConaughey chose the Weathered Duck Detroit jacket/blanket-lined in Carhartt Brown for the most part of his Earth bounded scenes in Nolan’s new masterpiece.

Jessica Chastain Matthew McConaughey Interstellar Murph Coop jackets

Interstellar’s Coop and Murph, Father-Daughter share the same passions, aspirations and the same wardrobe style wearing very similar Carhartt jackets

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Later on, when he switches his work jacket for a NASA fleeing between dimensions, we’re stuck with Carhartt back on Earth. This time on Jessica Chastain’s character, Murph. Coop’s daughter (now all grown up) is wearing yet another Carhartt jacket: the Weathered Quinwood Chore also in Carhartt Brown (except the logo label is on the left side waist pocket, like previous collections’ jackets instead of the chest pocket like most current collection’s jackets).

Jessica Chastain Interstellar Carhartt Jacket

the very sturdy Carhartt jacket as worn by Jessica Chastain’s Murph character in Interstellar is available here

Her brother, Tom (as an adult, as interpreted by Casey Affleck) is also wearing a Carhartt jacket, same as his father, except another color with vibrant red quilted lining. That may very well be a giveaway as to what’s fueling Tom’s actions and entire life. He’s a somewhat secondary character, although substantial to the development of the story, always thinking about his family and taking care of them. Earth-bound, always there, Tom is the reliable one. Just like his jacket, or his father’s before him.

Interstellar Carhartt jackets

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A special mention goes to the watches used in Interstellar. The Nolan brothers and their team took the timepiece matter very seriously, choosing Hamilton watches – a brand that’s been loyally serving astronauts since 1919. A special type of timepiece was crafted for this movie’s Murph character, one that you won’t find in store, not even in a (very) limited number.

sketches of the original watch Murph Interstellar

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In just a couple of weeks, Hamilton designers had to sketch out and effectively produce the exact watch demanded by the Interstellar prop team. Which they did. However, the watch worn by Matthew McConaughey’s character, Coop, is a series model: The Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date which can be bought for apx $1,000. (images interstellar, carhartt, hamilton)

Hamilton watch Interstellar Coop Matthew McConaughey

you too can have the timepiece worn by Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar: the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date available here

amazing Interstellar watch Hamilton

Hamilton was always a supporter of the aviation, hence the name of the gorgeous Khaki Pilot Day Date watch available here

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