Model Sarah Varacalli Exclusive Interview

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We all love fashion and we’re all fascinated by the backstages of this fabulous industry. Beyond the amazing clothes and the fantastic makeup, models are the salt&pepper of today’s fashion. They’re setting the tone, the trend and the making the fashion melody enchanting us all.

This, I hope, is the beginning of a permanent series here on Stylefrizz – Models Q&A, exclusive interviews with real fashion models! The very first story introduces Sarah Varacalli, a model you’ve seen here in Dita von Teese’s lingerie ad campaign:

Sarah Varacalli interview

Sarah, thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for Stylefrizz! you’ve done so much fashion work already! Catwalk! Catalog! Ad campaigns! Music videos! Magazines – which is your favorite type of modeling job so far?

I’ve definitely worked the full spectrum from showroom and runway to music videos and publications. I’d have to say I feel the most relaxed shooting editorial. I love the methodical process that goes into the production. From the precision and technique of the styling, hair and makeup to the actual, often lengthy shooting time involved to achieve the desired outcome. The 2 and a half minutes you’re on the runway couldn’t ever compare to the hours spent to achieve a single layout for a magazine.

catwalk model Sarah Varacalli FNO event

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The energy and focus are completely different and there’s something refreshing about being with a likeminded team that pays attention to every detail. Not to say that runway is careless in its process, it’s just limited and your job on the runway is pretty defined. With editorial that’s when I come to life.

Sarah Varacalli editorial interview

That’s definitely an interesting perspective! Editorial work looks so much more body-demanding! I know you told me you worked with legendary photographer Julien Clergue who only dressed his models’s bodies in lights and shadows! Do you have a physical training routine you think works best for you? Or perhaps a special diet? You feel there’s a special treatment for that heavenly body of yours in order to keep up with the modeling world’s demands?

Thank you very much for the kind words regarding my physique! I might disappoint you with this answer but my regimen is fairly relaxed compared to some of the models I see at castings on a regular basis. I’m extremely active in my day to day life and I’m blessed to live in a city that allows me to be so physical. My workout takes place in Central Park and I’m grateful to live only steps away from it. That’s really my gym.

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Other than that I eat a primarily vegetarian based diet. We hear so much about eating clean and the list of foods to avoid often feels overwhelming. I was vegan for almost ten years and I’m always tempted to go back. For now a majority of my diet is plant based but I still incorporate grants, diary and fish.

Sarah Varacalli interview images

Lucky you! It all sounds perfectly balanced and healthy, no wonder your physique is so stunning! You’ve done a lot of lingerie modeling – how would you describe the differences between modeling clothing and modeling just lingerie? What do you think is the most important element in a lingerie shoot: the photographer, the lingerie, the model?

Obviously the model is the most important part!

Of course it is (laughing)!

Kidding aside the lingerie is the absolute most essential element to that equation. Poorly fitting clothing is easy to adjust, clip, and hem. Lingerie either fits of it doesn’t and few adjustments will lend themselves to a more flattering fit. Lingerie is so incredibly intimate that every detail needs to align to your body. With clothing there’s more room to fake it.

Sarah Varacalli editorial GQ Peter Dinklage

Fair enough! Maybe we should all consider owning lingerie that’s perfectly fit and flattering! Would you say you travel often for your job or you’d rather find contracts in your area? What’s your favorite destination so far and what enchanted you there?

I use to live in Berlin and traveled frequently. It was a part of the job. This past year I’ve spent primarily in the US. Partly due to my agency but more so to be close to my family and boyfriend. My favorite destinations for shoots were probably Moscow and Brazil. Moscow because I found it so foreign that they would import a Jewish Italian girl for a campaign when I often lose jobs to the 6’2” blond giraffe that they export. Brazil was a delight because we shot partly in Rio and half in the Amazon. It was a several day production and everything was just picture perfect.

beauty Sarah Varacalli editorial

Wow! That sounds amazing (especially the Amazon part)! How do you see yourself in a couple of years from now: still modeling or moving on to something else?

I don’t see myself giving up modeling anytime soon but I could see myself incorporating other elements of design into my life and production into my life. My friend Kelly Mayo owner of Cela is a huge inspiration for me when it comes to model turned designer. I work for a non profit called Strength to Strength that supports victims of terrorism. I also work at a homeless shelter downtown. I have dreams of furthering that work and perhaps one day making it full time.

Sarah Varacalli Cela advertising

You’re a busy bee! It’s so amazing that you keep an eye out for what’s coming! If you’ll have a daughter and she’ll come up one day saying ‘Mom, I want to become a model!’ – what would you say to her – is there any advice you’d give her?

I wouldn’t mind if I had a daughter that wanted to model. It’s not something I would encourage, but like any other interest my future children may have, I wouldn’t turn away from entertaining and encouraging it. And I would most definitely chaperone her to castings.

Cela advertising Sarah Varacalli

After this short trip into the future, back to the present season: are you style-conscious? Do you follow trends (if so – which is your favorite from 2015) or you prefer a more personal approach of style, one that would become a ‘signature’ personal look?

Some days I fit the stereotype of a New Yorker. I am married to black with few exceptions, mainly floral this season. Black lends itself well to castings but also an easy adjustment from a day to evening look with little effort. I always have heels in my bag, either Dolce Vita or Prada. I buy multiples of the same thing and have a closet full of black Prada heels and purses. My go to bag for casting is a bag Cela named after me called the Calli bag:

models favorite bag Cela NY Calli Sarah Varacalli

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Anthony Vaccarello is someone I follow closely. I wear locally designed jewelry. I love simplistic diamonds. My boyfriend just bought me a white sapphire ring with a single small diamond accompanying it on each side. I haven’t taken it off since he gave it to me for my birthday.

Sarah Varacalli Downtown magazine

Thank you Sarah for sharing your experience as a model with us! I can only hope your work and your plans will inspire our readers and help them understand more what’s like being a real model in today’s world!

Sarah Varacalli in print magazines

Sarah Varacalli editorial work


#1 Adriana V on 04.20.15 at 3:36 pm

This lady has great features and a lovely figure. She looks refreshing and real, like a woman, next to all the similar looking skinny-minnie girls I see marching on the catwalks. The Cela campaign photos are my favorites, very nice.
I wish Sarah all the best and above all a great career. :)

#2 kpriss on 04.20.15 at 11:29 pm

Thank you for the great response Adriana! Sarah is really a lovely woman, so down to Earth and ‘real’, like you said! I’m hoping this is just the beginning and there will be more wonderful people from the fashion industry talking to us next! (fingers crossed)

#3 Ana on 04.28.15 at 1:21 pm

Really nice new feature Kpriss. Lovely interview with interesting questions. She seems to be a really nice person.

#4 kpriss on 04.28.15 at 11:24 pm

Thank you Ana! I have yet to perfect my ‘interviewing’ skills, but I’m ok with learning, I’m at peace with my not-knowledge because it feels like really doing something new, something incredible for me, and I hope, for you as well!

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