10 Style Quotes To Dress And Live By

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As the circumstances of fashion change with every new season, the premises remain the same: fashion is but a bouquet of social conditionings of our wardrobe. Style, however, regardless of the seasons and the designers ever-expanding collections, going against the general trends, style is unique and specific for each person.

The biggest confusion we seem to sink in nowadays is that we have to adopt a trend in order to have style. There’s simply no truth to that! So while you might take my words lightly, I included below (just) 10 quotes about style attributed to high fashion luminaries, fashion wisdom to dress and live by!

style quotes happy well dressed

the always Joyful Iris Apfel teaching us all a lesson from the Book of Happy Fashion & Style

From Iris Apfel to Karl Lagerfeld, these are the personalities that have put a distinct stamp on the fashion envelope. These are the fashion giants who can be instantly recognized because of a certain key element in their look. An essential outfit particularity they’re not afraid to wear again and again, transcending seasons and trends with their vision of personal style.

style quotes dress Diana Vreeland

Vogue’s legendary editor, Diana Vreeland is a reputed icon in the history of fashion and her style counsel is still priceless

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Yet, regardless of how many examples we have, we seem to forget that style is hardly about fashion. It’s about finding your own voice. Finding your own comfort zone, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, embracing yourself and your day-to-day life. Only then, when we’d be fully conscious about the extent of our person and our life, only then we’d be able to define our own, unique style!

style fashion quotes what real style is

Town&Country editor, G. Roger Boyer, is a true reference when it comes to style how-tos

Be fearless, be aware, be present, be honest! As strange as it may sound, these are just as much principles of life as they are of fashion! There’s no point in wearing something you’re not. There’s no comfort in always wanting to look like something you’re not.

fashion style quotes tips confidence outfit

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People depend more and more on blogs, on magazines to tell them what to wear and what to buy. But do they know you? The one who’s opening the covers of Vogue each month, hoping to find a new direction to their fashion chaos? No, they don’t. They don’t have a clue about your personality. They don’t have the slightest idea about your daily struggles. They are completely ignorant about your body and mind. They’re just putting out generic columns and commercially-friendly content. Impersonal and uninterested Sometimes too distant and dishonest.

fashion quotes designers collections style

model and style icon, Lauren Hutton, is very outspoken about fashion

At one point, when asked about her fashion style, Jennifer Lawrence admitted candidly that her style is handled on by fashion professionals and that she’s more of a monkey who does what she’s told and wears what she’s presented with… Her words, not mine. But everybody loves a candid star, and Jennifer Lawrence is as candid as it gets in Hollywood. A couple of years from now, she’ll stop being just a monkey and become a nicely trained, polished one. Goodbye candor!

Treasure your candor. Treasure your uniqueness. Treasure fun and comfort. And ask me when you have a style conundrum (wink)!

style quotes shopping Vivienne

Vivienne Westwood is not only famous for her fearless designs but also for speaking her mind

fashion style quote to remember

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style quotes Lagerfeld

perhaps fashion’s most prominent and lucrative designer, Karl Lagerfeld, is very generous when it comes to comments and appreciations

style quotes what to wear missoni

Margherita Missoni is convinced that wearing clothes you adore is enough to make you look fabulous

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style quotes fashion fun Betsey Johnson

one of the most joyful shows in fashion, Betsey Johnson is convinced that fashion is all about fun

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