DIY Stuart Weitzman Inspired Fringe Sandals

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If you did your homework (or read Stylefrizz lately), you know that the fringe is in this year! I’m a girl of many shoes (not) and I always tend to treasure and transform rather than get on a shopping binge each season.

I had this pair of high heeled sandals I could easily adapt for the new ‘trends’ and I hope this will inspire you to update your wardrobe on a budget! It may sound complicated, tuning onto the last trends, but you’ll have to take my word for it: fringe-ing the sandals you already own may be easier than actually shopping for a new pair!

fringe heels diy black and white

My DIY fringe sandals project is inspired by shoes I’ve seen in a Stuart Weitzman ad campaign (the one with Gisele-ggy) as well as sandals proposed by Christian Louboutin for the new season (called the Louboutin Otrot Sandals).

shoes trend this season the fringe

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I chose a textile fringe addition as my original sandals have textile uppers. Should they have been made of leather, or vegan leather, I would’ve looked for a suede, leather or man-made leather fringe to match! Scissors and glue gun, sandals and my imagination – that’s all there is to this DIY wardrobe update!

diy fringe sandals how to

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I love the way the fringe looks on the front of the Stuart Weitzman sandals but my sandals had crossed straps, so I had to find a new way to fringe them – that’s where the Louboutin inspiration kicked in and I glued the fringes around the ankle leaving the front free. This elongates the legs. Visually (smile).

diy fringe sandals glue

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So I just glued the fringes, let it cool and put it on! Ta-daaah! My own fringed sandals on a budget! A simple update you can use for your own shoes – let me know what you think about this DIY and if you used it! Do share your projects either using the contact form (below) or the Facebook page! Can’t wait to read your DIYs a day to keep the doctor away (smile)!

diy khaki fringe sandals

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diy fringe sandals tutorial


#1 Adriana V on 04.20.15 at 3:25 pm

Yeah, I bought a pair of Hush Puppies’ booties designed by Anna Sui. Not because it’s a trend but because I liked them. I’m afraid they end up as home slippers though.

Hmm, I like your green sandals a lot. It’s a nice change, since you can remove the fringes when you’re done with this look.

Great pedicure too! ;)

#2 kpriss on 04.20.15 at 11:27 pm

Exactly! that’s the best part of it: I can remove the fringes whenever I feel like it, with no damage to the original sandals (I soooo love my glue gun for allowing me to play endlessly)! You know, there’s a story to these sandals as well: this is their 2nd DIY actually! They used to be a very green color – like.. neon green! Bought them in a shopping binge once (sales did this to me) and they just sat in the closet, without ever being worn. Cause I would never find the right outfit and the right occasion. Until this one time when I needed some simple, dark sandals… no time to go shopping. Took out the ol’ permanent black marker from the drawer and just painted the green sandals black! taaaaa-daah! They ended up khaki which is even more amazing!

This is my ‘summer pedicure’ :-) I favor ‘French’ because it goes with anything. During the cold months I paint my toenails red or bright pink because there’s so much grey going on, I need color :-)

You should wear those Hush Puppies if you feel like it, wherever you feel like it! Who said you don’t have to look fabulous tip-to-toes when you’re just lounging at home? I sometimes do that – put on a nice dress and fancy shoes. It’s unfair to keep the best clothes just for going out! I want to feel dainty even when I sit on my own sofa! Like I would be visiting myself – we’d fix a cup of hot tea during the winter (me and my Adored Husband) or a nice glass of wine or even a beer in the warm months and just make believe we’re on a date. in our own home :-) why not? So slippers or no slippers, if you love the shoes, wear them! <3

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