Movie Inspired Fashion: Wes Anderson Accessories

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Often overrated but never forgotten, our bags (and other small leather accessories) have so many tales to tale, so many dreams to carry! Oscar winning director Wes Anderson knows his way around storytelling and dreamcatching! Mix the two and you get:

Wes Anderson bags and accessories! Not since the happy days of Sofia Coppola releasing her designs for the Louis Vuitton maison I’ve been so excited about movies and practical fashion! Something in Wes Anderson’s mind works in mysterious and unique ways that enchant us all with their magic! From the latest Grand Budapest Hotel back to the Darjeeling Limited and the Royal Tenenbaums, Wes Anderson’s style is fabulous and unmissable!

movies fashion Wes Anderson bags

Every movie has been so inspiring, even the grand Karl Lagerfeld took note and designs were rooted in The Grand Budapest Hotel (with Pharrell Williams’ extraordinary participation). However, Wes Anderson wasn’t afraid to cast serious fashion characters next to his favorite actors. Darjeeling Limited (starring three brothers trying to get back the bond they once had) centers around fancy luggage designed by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton especially for the movie.

Wes Anderson movies posters

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That happened, however, more than 7 years ago! The LV Darjeeling Limited luggage was very limited also, never re-issued since. A clever Wes Anderson fan has found the solution, though: he went on to design his own Darjeeling Limited bags. After months of designing and scooping for the right materials, the Italian finance lawyer Alberto Favaretto issued the Darjeeling Limited duffle bag, complete with the whimsical embroidery and owner initials!

Darjeeling Limited original Vuitton luggage

Starting his own label ‘Very Troubled Child’ – a nod to Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom movie, Favaretto has released notebooks with designs inspired by Wes Anderson’s movies. Upon their quick sellout, Favaretto started the bag-designing process and expanded his brand offerings to phone cases, small leather goods and even swimwear inspired by The Life Aquatic!

Wes Anderson bags Very Troubled Child

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Darjeeling Limited Wes Anderson messenger bag

Wes Anderson ipad sleeve Darjeeling Limited Very Troubled Child

From the grand Darjeeling Bag number 4 which starts from $490 to the Darjeeling Bag number 8 available from $290 or the Darjeeling Bag number 9, perfect for beauty case or pad sleeve, starting from $99, I would definitely like to have them all! Throw in a Zissou swimsuit, a handful of Wes Anderson movies inspired phone cases and I’m set for the Stylish Frizz Adventures! What’s your favorite Wes Anderson movie?

Wes Anderson Darjeeling Limited bag

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Wes Anderson phone cases Very Troubled Child

Wes Anderson Team Zissou Life Aquatic swimsuit Very Troubled child


#1 Ellington on 03.21.15 at 8:29 am

Wes Anderson has made some of my favourite films!
I love his retro aesthetic that feels timeless and modern.
Hey Kpriss have you seen the comedy short What if Wes Anderson directed the X-men? In truth I like his ‘version’ better than the original so funny! :)

#2 Adriana V on 03.23.15 at 1:34 pm

It’s hard to pick a favorite Wes Anderson film. Recently I saw Moonrise Kingdom for the second time, such a cute film… yes, I used the word ‘cute’. :)

#3 kpriss on 03.24.15 at 1:44 am

I refuse to pick a favorite! It’s like picking your favorite fairy tale. To each Wes Anderson movie, its charm, its own magic aura! The aesthetic is crazy beautiful, though! Like a rare flower! I haven’t seen the short, Ellington! But I’m going to look for it asap and let you know!
Adriana, I will remember this day! it will be the ‘cute day’ now! :-)

#4 kpriss on 03.24.15 at 8:34 am

Oh, Ellington! Now I can’t stop looking at ‘what if that director directed that movie’ videos! what have you done to me! :))

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