Daniel Craig’s James Bond Skyfall Jacket: Barbour Beacon Heritage Waxed

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I had my eyes on a certain Barbour waxed jacket for a while now. I was even ready to send a lot of letters to Santa starting next month, telling him just how nice and good we’ve been and how much we love Barbour jackets.

And then Skyfall happened. Much like any classic British gentleman, mr Bond is also a fan of Barbour. And although he likes his suits tailored chez Tom Ford, when it comes to nice country retreats, James Bond keeps it traditional with a Barbour waxed jacket. And who am I to complain? I’m a fan as well. I just wish Santa would see it too?

But now I’m guessing that even Santa would have a hard time tracking this particular Barbour Heritage Waxed Jacket as ever since Mr James Bond (Daniel Craig) worn it in Skyfall, it’s a sellout in every Barbour store worldwide. And that just in a matter of days from the world premiere. Note to whoever thinks 007 is outdated and outfashioned! Or Barbour for that matter! {images Barbour; Greg Williams; via}

Daniel Craig James Bond SkyFall Wears Barbour Waxed Jacket

UPDATE: As it was sold out pretty much everywhere and it was the result of a special collaboration issued in limited number, the exact Barbour jacket worn by Daniel Craig in Bond’s Skyfall adventures was reissued. With another name: Barbour Dept B Commander.

Daniel Craig James Bond Skyfall jacket final scenes

X to Ki Sports Jacket was designed by the Japanese designer Tokihito Yoshida and Barbour but not many items were available and so they went flying off of the shelves when Bond made it clear that it that was his jacket of choice. Between the original featured in the movie and the new Commander edition there are just a few imperceptible differences (like of instance the X to Ki To jacket has a removable hood while the new Commander has no hood.

Bond s Barbour jacket reissued hood

But as you may remember from the movie – and the images included here help you refresh your memory – Bond’s jacket has no hood. That’s right – the wardrobe department had removed the hood and the zipper attaching it to the jacket. So having the Commander sans hood is only natural.

original Barbour Bond jacket left reissue right

Actually, both jackets have been described as having the exact same fit, so should you be so lucky to have found a Commander jacket (those too were fabricated in limited number), rest assured, only a specialist eye would know and notice the small differences…

Bond s Jacket Skyfall Daniel Craig Barbour

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