Long Live The New Kate Moss (Interview Germany May 2013)

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The proverbial ink hasn’t dried completely on the proverbial paper after yesterday’s Cara story and here we are at it again… Cara Delevingne’s super-status in the modeling world seems to grow with each passing cover, with each passing pictorial, with each passing day. Interview Germany is asking straight from their May 2013 issue cover if this is the next Kate Moss.

Because the fashion world is so innovative and original that a single Kate Moss is not enough. And because she’s so yesterday (Kate), we need a new Kate Moss. And so here’s another British model who happens to have lovely features and skinny frame, chain smokes and meteorically rises on the gold sky of fame. So she must be the next Kate Moss. Right? Or at least a decent pretext for a new issue’s cover (as photographed, again, by Peter Lindbergh). What would you answer to this ‘next Kate Moss’ question about Cara? Is she or isn’t she? (you already know how I feel, I repeatedly stated that Cara’s charms leave me indifferent… although this cover is lovely – wink)

new Kate Moss Interview Germany Cara Delevingne


#1 Appollonia on 04.18.13 at 1:26 pm

I am not a fan either but I can see why Cara is popular. That’s not that difficult.
Isn’t it ironic that only Kate seems to be needed to ‘renewed’ and not one of the other super great ’90s models?
Only time can tell if Cara has the longevity Kate has.

I hope Kate feels honoured, I would! And not feels old and done! Isn’t this the highest form of flattering that they’re looking for another you?

Kpriss, did you see new found (?) photos of young Kate on Vogue’s UK website yesterday? I realised again why she was my fave model at the time and still is. :)

#2 ana on 04.19.13 at 11:49 am

I see nothing…

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