Miranda Kerr, An Angel No More: Official!

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Rumors were flying back and forth about Miranda Kerr and her involvement with Victoria’s Secret. And those particular rumors were insinuating that Miranda is being dumped from the Angels cloud.

Whether that’s true or more like Miranda isn’t willing to climb the Angels cloud anymore, we might never find out. But come this year, Miranda Kerr is – officially – not associated with Victoria’s Secret Angels anymore. At least not like she used to. Because, as she’s turning 30 (this Saturday, April 20th), Miranda wants to concentrate more on what she’s passionate about. And she seems to be passionate about a lot of things, taking up a lot of her time. Between that, some advertising contracts and her family, there wasn’t enough room for the VS skimpy Angel costumes.

Miranda Kerr angel days are over

So there you have it, officially, from the lips of a former Angel (via the Sidney Morning Herald):

‘This is a natural evolution. The thing is, I’ve been modeling since I was 13, I’m not entering a new phase in my life. I have felt this coming since my son was born and, after I became a mother, I realized I needed to prioritise my time.’

However, Miranda is leaving room for surprise comebacks as she and the VS officials both agreed that while she won’t be a full-time Angel, it’s not impossible for her to walk the VS shows or do some catalog shots for them.

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