Fashionistas Surprisingly Do Go For Fur Coats

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Despite of all those Peta commercials, regardless to all those actresses who militated against fur, Kate Moss and Kate Bosworth love their Fendi Fur coats.

Personally, I hoped it won’t become a fashion it when super trendsetter Kate Moss first made her appearance with this bicolored Fendi fur coat. Instead of that, another supposed-fashionista stole Kate’s style: Kate Bosworth. Only she accessorized it with a large belt.

Kate Moss and Kate Bosworth Fendi Fur Coat

I’m not saying fur coats aren’t beautiful (for some people) and luxuriously controversial (that surely are, since they involve slaughter) but this grizzly-looking black and white coats really do make a difference.

Between good taste and bad taste. Bad taste won. By far.

After choosing those heavy bangs and changing her mythical haircut to follow a trend cut, Kate Moss is really keeping my curiosity alive about how low she’s going from now on.


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#3 Eve on 06.01.08 at 6:35 am

This is Terrible! Wearing Fur is completely and utterly WRONG!!!!

#4 Guilherme on 09.08.08 at 6:56 am

It shows up her ignorance. I really hope that will affect Kate Bosworth career.

#5 maxx on 03.04.09 at 7:18 am

whats the difference between killing another ‘animal’ and killing a plant? or terminating the infestation of ants in your house? your still killing a living thing. i believe on focusing our energy and attention to ensure the just and humane treatment of other animals and living organisms. rather than beating down other people for their own personal choices. would you like to be called a murderer because of the polyester blend shirt you’re wearing which has helped contribute to the change in our planets climate. which is aiding the extinction of some of our most beloved ‘animals’? like polar bears for instance? no i bet you wouldn’t. and seeing as people who wear fur are a severe minority compared to those who wear poly blend.. who is doing more damage? but that’s irrelevant. i wouldn’t have such a problem with fur if i knew that the animals were being treated justly, killed humanely, and that there was a limit to how many other ‘animals’ could be killed each year dependent on population at the time. as i wouldn’t have a problem with the paper, or timber industry if i knew for every tree that gets cut down another replaces it. just like i wouldn’t have a problem with most large scale manufacturers if i knew they treated their workers justly and humanely. I love fur, i always have i always will and i am not ashamed of it either.

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