Boots Trend for 2008 – Wear them Off!

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Remember how crazy Madonna drives us with her long laced boots? Well, I might have been on the verge of making a very important discovery here…

You see, these days, when one pops up more than 4 covers consecutively in 2 moths, one consider at least a change of style from one photo shoot to another, not to mention changing shoes! Well, not her Madgesty! She’s sticking to her laced boots like her life depends on it! Now, when changing season, one changes clothes also. This would be the case for a travelling Kate Moss – today in rainy London, tomorrow on sunny US beaches. But not La Moss, no! She’s sticking to her boots like her life too is depending on them!

Kate Moss Boots

Now tell me, as I’m bringing this to your attention – could it be a brit – trend ? Wear them till they’re off? Or this is the new way with boots? Wear them day after day, season after season, more lifeless the boots, more glamorous the look?


#1 Jill on 04.03.08 at 5:40 pm

I do like a bit of a scuffed look for boot, but not absolutely worn or broken down. I really do like Kate Moss’ pair.

#2 Adriana on 04.04.08 at 9:31 am

Jill dear, did you told us now this look has already followers? I love a simple look at certain days or in certain periodes in my life. Why not? But never scruffy. I’ve some old fave boots too, they are like nice slippers. Which I do wear lately a lot. But I do polish them still or let the soles renew. I find this too much shabby for my taste.

#3 Adriana on 04.06.08 at 1:32 pm

Sorry for this second reply to you article. It does surprise me how this model is an inspiration to so many very affected girls or even women as I’ve noticed on a certain forum? Now this look is soooo great…Don’t these women has an opinion of their own? Scary such dedicated followers. After all Kate is only a 70’s copy-cat and she was a great model once. I don’t like her ever-the-same-look these days anymore though.
I do not understand such a model, who isn’t able to do nothing more than pose and/or party and is so admired even glorified as the bad girl! Same goes for Naomi Campbell. How can people admire even glorify her violent and very rude spoiled behavior? I bet they wouldn’t take it from someone in their own circles! Or are they just brave girls who do dream about being a bit bad? Where’s Freud when you need him?
End of my rant.

#4 Serenity on 06.22.08 at 3:34 pm

Agreed Adriana, you’re so right! It’s amazing how people follow these models blindly (OMG, if Kate’s wearing it then it must be soooo ‘tres chic’…………whatever!) I mean, hello! Get your own fashion sense and let not what others wear dictate what you wear.

#5 kpriss on 06.25.08 at 8:03 am

Oh, ladies, Kate is preparing us for yet another crazy trend… she’s leaving her lingerie at home and strolls the town in see-through outfits.. Wonder who’s gonna follow up that one! The boots thing was easy. Let’s see those who dares expose their booties…

#6 Ash on 03.02.09 at 9:04 am

they’re probably just really comfy boots

#7 lae on 12.26.11 at 6:28 pm

what kind of boots are they?? anyone know? she constantly wears them because they are awesome…

#8 kpriss on 12.27.11 at 7:28 am

Lae, I have no idea what kind of boots they are. In my opinion, pick any of your favorite leather boots, wear them intensively and they’d end up like this. Okay, so what if you don’t have a pair that looks exactly like the one owned by Kate Moss? I have my favorite boots (military / motorcycle style), I wear them for a couple of years and that worn out look is something I really like and gives them value: I worn them off! Not somebody else and not some complicated industrial process! That is something I take pride and comfort in!

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