Kate Moss YSL Parisienne Commercial

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Kate Moss doing what he knows best in a crescendo – Depeche Mode mix courtesy Yves Saint Laurent for their latest fragrance commercial: Parisienne YSL.

Because intimacy has everything to do with marketing, this highly suggestive commercial as played by Kate Moss induces the new idea of rosephiles. If no such concept was made public yet, this should be the starting point.

Let me exemplify just why this commercial should be R-rated: leather outfits, the backseat of a limo, bed sheets, very high heeled shoes, explicit gestures and poses, a clothesless man lying on the bed while Kate puts on her sandals. Kate Moss relives the intimate moment she had just by touching herself with a rose. This commercial makes me think about Sofia Coppola’s Miss Dior Chérie commercial and ask myself why can’t we see more ads like that?


#1 Adriana on 09.08.09 at 3:44 am

Wasn’t there a beautiful French model available? Why La Moss? La Parisienne? Shakes head….my heart hurts when I hear the master’s name. The only thing I like is the music.

#2 Daydreamer on 09.08.09 at 5:38 am

I don’t like it at all, well at least I love the roses. But I found that it gave me a headache since it’s ark and cut to lights and cut back and forth, whatever they call film words. Though, Moss is beautiful in there still I want to see a fresh young French model who can at least channel Parisienne in a new way. When the recessionary time is over, fashion has to fresh itself.

#3 Tavia on 09.10.09 at 3:12 am

I like the commercial….but don’t like Kate. I think they could have done it better with someone else

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