Kate Moss In London Sunday Times Style Magazine October 2008

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Kate Moss on the cover of a magazine. Nothing new, nothing blue, just a black and white picture by Mert and Marcus.

Word for every fashionista out there: work on that open mouth pose. That pose where you’re trying to show your lips like you were Angelina Jolie and in the same time mimic some words so it’ll all work out naturally for a cheap sidewalk-suited expression! (more after the jump)

Kate Moss Times Style Magazine October 2008 Cover

Kate Moss Times Style Magazine October 2008 1

This issue seems so much the work of the marketing department since it’s all about her Christmas Topshop Collection! I was just wondering.. Did Kate run out of charm so they had to give her a Sasha-air? Not to mention her so called smoky eyes (looking plain black, eye liner overload) hidden underneath her fringe, rebel blond locks! The make up artist was in vacation, I presume…

Kate Moss Times Style Magazine October 2008 2

Oh well, I’m still trying to get used o Kate talking to the press. Even if it’s for selling purposes, she broke that silent mystery advised by her beau-y-a-longtemps Johnny Depp. Let’s take (a short) note of her style issues. Could those advices make a Kate Moss out of you?

Kate Moss Times Style Magazine October 2008 3

Never look like you’ve tried too hard – mismatch for personality! New hairstyles are for the brave (and those who want to change their wardrobe)! Go multinational on your outfit (take a dress from Paris, earrings from Turkey, and so on)! Chop your vintage pieces to channel your inner designer! When you go out, keep you jacket on. Mismatching can guarantee loads of attention! (photos via tfs)

Kate Moss Times Style Magazine October 2008 4


#1 Adriana on 10.25.08 at 8:12 pm

Kate looks like a mix off Sasha and (the young) Debbie Harry in this shoot.

#2 Dolly Bird on 10.26.08 at 7:23 am

I also see Anita Pallenberg and Patti Hansen in these pictures.Wow so many icons in one body!

#3 Adriana on 10.26.08 at 7:49 am

…..and Brigitte Bardot! The mother of all open mouths poses?

#4 Dolly Bird on 10.26.08 at 9:48 am

Adriana I was going to add BB in too but then I changed my mind as it might have meant adding in Claudia Shiffer and Vanessa Paradis too.I was afraid for Kate having to posess all these bodies in her…. the poor little rich gurl.

#5 Adriana on 10.26.08 at 10:01 am

Or Kim Basinger? Once a model too.
I don’t get it to be honest why Anita Pallenberg is an icon. I know she is to some people. TFS adores her. But all the woman is famous for is her look for a while which dissapeared fast due to her drugs abuse. She has been Brian Jones lover shortly and then Keith Richards’ woman and mother of his first two children and most off all a herion junk and a very bad mother! Oh, yes she did an awful movie with Mick Jagger, rumors has it she was his lover too. So that’s iconic?

#6 Ellington on 10.26.08 at 10:06 am

Kate is great! She knows how to pose and I like her style but not her lifestyle.
I think the open mouth pose word you are looking for Kpriss is PRUNE
apparently that is what the Olsen twins say when taking a photo.
Another thing to add to the useless information pile. ; )

#7 Dolly Bird on 10.26.08 at 10:14 am

@ Adriana…Yes! Notoreity contributes to an iconic status.Debbie Harry too experimented with drugs but that hasn’t stopped her from reaching iconic status.Anita Pallenberg isn’t an icon of mine but I gather a lot of fashionistas consider her one.I hope you had a nice weekend Adriana.

#8 Dolly Bird on 10.26.08 at 10:18 am

LOL Ellington! Here’s additional useless information from me. Linda Evangelista too had that ‘open mouth’ PRUNE pose as you call it.Apparently she once said that the photographers kept asking her for it.The Prune that is!(No pun intended)LOL

#9 Mica on 10.26.08 at 12:17 pm

So that’s why some women look great with that open mouth pose! Ellington, thanks for the PRUNE!

Kate Moss looks stunning!

#10 Adriana on 10.26.08 at 12:47 pm

Ellington thanks for the “PRUNE”! I once read that Drew Barrymore said you need to say the F-word in a friendly way instead of ‘cheese’. I tried that and it looked really better on photos. But I just tried out PRUNE in front of the mirror and the F-word: so I do a PRUNE now! LOL! Thanks!

About Anita P. and Debbie, yes Debbie experimented with drugs (who didn’t?) but had a great career! She deserves it to be an icon. And is still around and where is Anita?
Oh sorry, I’m a party-pooper in a fun PRUNE-discussion……
I’m going to PRUNE all the time now when needed just acting if I’m just singing something……its easy like Sunday Morning Kpriss!
You prune, I prune..

Ellington thanks, oh, I had a very quiet weekend. I should ‘PRUNE’ more I guess?

#11 Adriana on 10.26.08 at 12:49 pm

Sorry, thanks Dolly Bird!

#12 Ellington on 10.26.08 at 4:37 pm

Well I too and glad that you had a lovely weekend and I hope that you did too Dolly Bird, Mica and Kpriss!
Prunes all around for everyone! : )

#13 Dolly Bird on 10.26.08 at 4:54 pm

Thanks Ellington.I hope everybody had a nice weekend.
Uhhh go easy on the Prunes everyone…its known for its ummm…’moving’ powers :(

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