Kate Moss And Her YSL Muse Bag

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When you’re the lucky owner of an original Yves Saint Laurent, chances are you wear it to exhaustion. Especially if that YSL piece is a handbag!

Now maybe things could be different if you had that YSL bag and you were Kate Moss! Maybe (just maybe!) you could buy yourself that YSL bag over and over again, at least one every month. In every shade and texture possible! But that’s not what Kate Moss would actually do! No-no! She’d take her YSL Muse tote and carry it allover, at that point that the bag ends up looking all trashed up! I really liked that Muse Bag and dreamed about for quite some time but I moved on and changed for a messenger bag, more suited for my active life. But not Kate! Kate is a faithful girl! Faithfull to skinny jeans, faithful to fur coats, faithful to her bags, faithful to her boots, faithful to her Topshop collection. She was renewed for another three years. Maybe, along the way, we’ll even get the chance to buy our very own trashed up YSL-Muse lookalike from Topshop Kate Moss. Or one of those worn-out boots she’s so fond of! Would you buy one if given the collection-chance? (via wwd, popsugar)

Kate Moss Yves Saint Laurent Muse bag


#1 Ellington on 12.18.08 at 4:06 pm

Yes , I would I like Kate and her style.I too would like a messenger bag. My Father always teases me by saying that I carry a postal sack, because I like big (but stylish) roomy bags.

#2 Sal on 12.19.08 at 11:33 am

I’d pass on the bag if I could nab that jacket she’s wearing in the first photo!

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