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Topshop NY Opening With The New Kate Moss Summer 2009 Collection

Is it Thursday yet? Topshop’s New York store will soon open its doors (tomorrow, April 2!) and it’ll look like this!

Bright and colorful, spring-ish and simply Topshop, the new New York store looks just like the Oxford Circus Topshop store, on four levels and 28,000 square feet just for selling (from the 40,000 square feet of total surface) with a DJ booth for busy days or special events. (the story continues right after the jump, don’t miss the gallery with pictures from the new NY Topshop and Kate Moss’ Spring 2009 collection for Topshop!)

Kate Moss Topshop Summer 2009

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Kate Moss Collection for Topshop Spring Summer 2008

For a five piece preview, the fifth Kate Moss Collection for Topshop puts your imagination at hard work!

It’s called “From Ibiza, to Miami, India and beyond” and my focus is on “beyond” right now because Ibiza, Miami and India are surpassed by the pieces shown on the site. Would it be that “beyond” stands for beyond any fashion sense? Beyond any indulgence we might (still) have on Kate Moss the uber trendy designer? I’m working all my imagination in this rhetorical speech and can’t see the light at the end of the Kate Moss Topshop tunnel! Do you?

Kate Moss Collection for Topshop Spring Summer 2008 Preview

The long awaited launch is March 18th and you’ll all get your hands on the “feather-weight chiffon dresses and blouses (…) Gypsy-inspired broderie anglaise and scarf prints”. Do you feel the electricity in the air?
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Vogue Festival Wraps Up With Kate Moss Vogue UK May 2014 Cover

This weekend, London was the place to be for the fashion population as the Vogue Festival returned for a third edition with models, designers, photographers and entrepreneurs.

Fashion ateliers took place for two days in London’s Southbank Centre and hot out the festival’s closing doors is the British Vogue’s May 2014 issue. Who’s on the cover? Kate Moss, biensur! What’s the main tagline? ‘The Great British Model Takeover’ isn’t it the perfect way to pin fashion’s capital ambassadors by betting it all safely and cozily on Kate Moss?

Freja Beha Erichsen styled by Kate Moss Vogue UK May 2014

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Kate Bosworth: Her Movies, Her Man, Her Wedding In Elle March 2013

Kate Bosworth was shortly profiled in Elle March 2013. The last time she made the headlines, it was with her singing more than her acting. And even so, it was not even her own singing as she was ‘paying homage’ to Michelle Pfeiffer. That’s how the call a cover nowadays – paying homage. Like you said Galliano did with his latest wardrobe affront – he was paying homage. I got get this into my system. Paying Homage. Yeah.

Back to Kate: she has three movies coming up next, one of which was already released through Sundance: Big Sur. Kerouac’s novel scripted into a movie directed by Michael Polish. Kate instantly zinged for him! (any of you familiar with Adam Sandler’s Hotel Transylvania? ‘zing’ just became my latest vocabulary obsession! It’s a complex word describing an even more complex feeling: falling in love with ‘the one’, your other half!)

So now, Kate Bosworth is planning her wedding. Besides being creatively involved in Michael Polish’s projects – one of them was the said singing project for Topshop’s Holiday advertising campaign (find it after the jump). All that and more in Elle’s March 2013 issue!

Kate Bosworth Elle March 2013

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Topshop New Shoes 2012 Collection: CJG

CJG. Any idea where that comes from? Chloe Jade Green. Yes, as in Sir Philip Green’s daughter. When Kate Moss ended her collaboration with Topshop is was rumoredly because of Chloe wanting her own fashion slice in her father’s Topshop cake. And 2012 is the year CJG shoes collection breaks in stores. I doubt, however, that the CJG jade soles will push Chloe’s fashion to the same level of fame as Kate Moss’ collection.

CJG Topshop shoes collection


Kate Moss Jewelry Collection For Fred

Gone are all the Topshop years when we could freely browse and buy pieces inspired by Kate Moss’ wardrobe (also designed by her. Allegedly). Kate is a grown up now. From Topshop through Longchamp now to a Fred Jewelry collection: a pretty sparkling design trajectory, if you ask me!

Kate Moss for Fred Jewelry Collection is inspired by Kate Moss’ tattoos. There’s no word if she has so many, but the collection is comprised of 22 styles with prices ranging from $473 to $47,300. Pretty far from her Topshop prices, huh? Knowing Kate, however, I’m guessing this will also be a success. Doubts, anyone?

Kate Moss Jewelry collection Fred jewelry

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Kate Moss Longchamp Collection Spring Summer 2011 Ad Campaign

Now ever since my baby arrived, I’m off tiny crossbody bags and back into my humongous totes days. It’s easier, you know, for diapers, soothers, change clothes, and much, much more. So I’m naturally on a lookout for lovely tote bags.

Now Kate Moss for Longchamp Spring Summer 2011 Collection not only looks lovely and it is signed by a famous model but it also made me dream about hot summer days and beach trips. Which I tend to dream a lot these blizzard days! I wonder if Kate Moss did her education in fashion and fashion making chez Topshop and then flew off to Longchamp, but whatever it is that made her ink the deal with the latter, I’m thankful for it!

Kate Moss Longchamp bags 2011 collection

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Kate Moss Vogue Eyewear Spring 2011 campaign

Looking fabulous as usual, Kate Moss works the shades for Vogue Eyewear in their Spring Summer 2011 ad campaign. Photographed by Mario Testino and styled by Katie England, the first two images leaked from the above mentioned campaign remind me so much of Longchamp’s previous campaigns with Kate Moss! Also – is that Kate Moss leopard coat? It looks familiar…

You should also know that Kate has worked on something special with Vogue for this upcoming season: a selection of her favorite sun/glasses. Now that we know the clothes from Kate Moss ‘ wardrobe courtesy her Topshop collection, the bags in Kate Moss ‘ closet, courtesy her Longchamp collection, we get to see the shades in Kate Moss ‘ drawers, courtesy her Vogue collaboration. What’s next? The rugs and curtains from Kate Moss’ home? (via)

Kate Moss Vogue Eyewear Spring 2011 ad campaign