Kate Moss Mulberry Green Bag

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It’s been few days now since I’m looking closely and admiring the entire stir around one handbag. And one woman.

Kate La Moss is spotted doing this, Kate La Moss is photographed wearing that. The first to know what she’s up to (once more) is (no, not awarded) but applauded by a humongous crowd of more or less admirers of Miss La Moss. Thus we must adhere to this wave see how makes us feel – ladies and gents, I give you Kate Moss wearing (what I believe without any doubt to be an outrageously expensive) a Green Mulberry Bag.

Kate Moss Green Mulberry Bag

The controversy was vivid and implied some heavy names – Hermes, Asprey and Mulberry. Even if it’s not clear as daylight what kind of Mulberry is it, one thing’s straighten up – it is a green crocodile Mulberry Bag.

Kate Moss Green Bag

Well I took a good look around and see things just as they were before. The kids are sound asleep (Thank God!), news launch the same headlines (more or less) as an hour ago, my hair didn’t go blonde, Hillary still fights Obama, if I’ll search over the internet I’ll even find a new photo of Miss La Moss wearing grey skinny jeans. So, my word to you – could have been a $5 purse or this newly established Green Crocodile Mulberry Bag, the world is exactly the same as before!

Kate Moss Green Mulberry

What do you think? (about the controversial bag, first of all – ) It’s a beautiful purse?
(and about La Moss! – ) Is Kate ever going to change that skinny look of hers? I mean we all got the idea – she’s still thin! How about giving us a rest (and our legs blood circulation some justice)?
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#1 Adriana on 03.04.08 at 7:13 am

Giving us a rest……hahahaha…..yes please? Not impressed by that Mulberry Bag at all. Doesn’t like the colour with that outfit and La Moss looked far more and deeper in love with her former beau enfant terrible Pete Doherty. Poor Mr Hince……just a gigolo?

#2 kpriss on 03.04.08 at 7:43 am

You think? From what I’ve notice, she wasn’t too much into Pete’s influence but into Irina’s. That girl really has a fashion spirit! Maybe Kate’s looking for someone to settle down. Hince as good as any, right?

#3 Adriana on 03.04.08 at 8:59 am

Hmm, I’ve read this somewhere before. Maybe it was you? I found it an interesting thought because Irina is also something else Kate would have love to be: Irina is a real rock chick! Hince good as any? That’s a bit sad isn’t it? Though I do understand she wants to settle down with someone. Maybe a bit less partying and take care more of Lila Grace instead of leaving her kid to a nanny’s care could be a good start to find the right person…….?

#4 kpriss on 03.04.08 at 12:29 pm

It was the exact thought I had when looking at this picture – that I’d wish to see her more with her daughter than with a new handbag!

As for Irina, she was, some say, Kate’s discovery. When reading more about them, Irina (formerly a ballerina) was more of a style icon than Kate (and yes, I stated my opinion about this on a certain forum), and originally Pete’s on and off girlfriend. How they managed to exchange was beyond my interest.

Celebrity isn’t always spring flowers :( so I guess when you break up and instantly hook up with someone else it’s always something to it (maybe not obvious for everyone else, but there’s always a behind the stage story).

#5 Anna on 03.05.08 at 2:45 pm

Hello Girls – going back to bag – i found out the price :) Kates Mulberry Bayswater costs 7,000 GBP beautiful purse…beautiful price…
and about that skinny look – as Kpriss said – give us a rest! pls :)

#6 kpriss on 03.06.08 at 12:54 am

Anna, well informed as always, thank you! So it’s a Bayswater after all? (it wasn’t quite settled to the model when I first posted the article because of the handles detail that continued to the bottom of the handbag in the Bayswater case) and I think that I’m being unreasonable when buying a $80 bag! Or maybe that’s why she’s stuck in the skinny-stylee, always wearing the same jeans, so she could afford a bag like this one from time to time :P

#7 Adriana on 03.06.08 at 6:57 pm

Yes, not “someone” but you kpriss mentioned this on a certain forum. I do remember that now and did agree. I do remember it because I thought: “Wow, that’s a good point!”

Anna and kpriss ladies you are so right too about the price of the bag……..Unreasonable $80? Maybe but quality and beauty has a price. That’s how it is. In this case I find it a reasonable price but 7,000 GBP……

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#9 Miss P on 03.26.08 at 11:54 pm

The handbag looks like a crocodile Birkin. Are you sure it’s a Mulberry?
:) Miss P

#10 kpriss on 03.27.08 at 5:55 am

Oh, it has been a true controversy for weeks on that subject and the conclusion was Mulberry. Even so, it’s still no official (I mean Kate didn’t admit to anything ;) ) so I guess we’re free to speculate…

#11 Miss P on 03.31.08 at 1:04 am

Now it’s confirmed from Mulberry… The bag is a Mulberry Bayswater. So you were right.
;) Miss P

#12 kpriss on 04.01.08 at 8:50 am

This time ;) I had my fair share of fashion confusion. In this case it was really easy to make a mistake, the bags were awfully similar!

#13 lu on 05.10.08 at 9:14 am

i need to know plz what brand is the gold bracelet stand for ?????????????

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