Kate Bosworth: Her Movies, Her Man, Her Wedding In Elle March 2013

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Kate Bosworth was shortly profiled in Elle March 2013. The last time she made the headlines, it was with her singing more than her acting. And even so, it was not even her own singing as she was ‘paying homage’ to Michelle Pfeiffer. That’s how the call a cover nowadays – paying homage. Like you said Galliano did with his latest wardrobe affront – he was paying homage. I got get this into my system. Paying Homage. Yeah.

Back to Kate: she has three movies coming up next, one of which was already released through Sundance: Big Sur. Kerouac’s novel scripted into a movie directed by Michael Polish. Kate instantly zinged for him! (any of you familiar with Adam Sandler’s Hotel Transylvania? ‘zing’ just became my latest vocabulary obsession! It’s a complex word describing an even more complex feeling: falling in love with ‘the one’, your other half!)

So now, Kate Bosworth is planning her wedding. Besides being creatively involved in Michael Polish’s projects – one of them was the said singing project for Topshop’s Holiday advertising campaign (find it after the jump). All that and more in Elle’s March 2013 issue!

Kate Bosworth Elle March 2013

But you know what troubles me more? Not even the fact that Kate is playing a meth addict in one of her upcoming movies, opposing James Franco and for that part she had to drop even more weight from her already tiny frame. Not even the fact that this Cedric Buchet shoot is boudoir based just like she wouldn’t have the strength to stand or anything (styled by Sabina Shreder with hair by Peter Gray and makeup by Christian McCulloch and nails by Gina Edwards)…

Kate Bosworth Elle March 2013 pictorial

No, what bothers me most is that the story’s author (April Long) actually compared Kate Bosworth with Kate Moss! How? Why? Is that a ‘paying homage’ kind of thing? Like Kate Moss what doing the h=roin chic and Kate Bosworth is doing the m=eth chic?

Kate Bosworth Elle March 2013 by Cedric Buchet

Kate Bosworth Elle March 2013 story

Kate Bosworth Elle March photo

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