Galliano For De La Renta Fall 2013, Wears Hasidic Controversial Outfit

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So by now we’ve all heard that John Galliano was invited by Oscar de la Renta to be part of his design studio and act as a semi – creative for the De La Renta maison. We’ve even spotted some flamboyant hints in the recently presented Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013 collection, something that would easily remind us all of Galliano’s parading sense of fashion.

And the fashion world seemed to be enjoying the news, the outcome and the perspective of Galliano being redeemed in front of the fashion conscious population and, hopefully, one day being pardoned by fash – ignorants as well.

But that was until John Galliano was seen wearing a Hasidic outfit, right in full Fashion Week season! Everybody’s gone ballistic now on the implications of the said outfit. Should we?

John Galliano controversial Hasidic outfit

Yes, for the most part, John Galliano’s outfit elements make clear references at the Hasidic wardrobe. Even the hair hanging on each side of his face remind of the sacred payots, although he’s not pairing them with the traditional beard. But did he choose this outfit as a slap in the face for the Jewish population as he’s been famously banned from the fashion industry following an anti semitic rant just a couple of years ago?

Johan Galliano flamboyant style costumes fashion show

Or is the media trying to put unnecessary pressure on Galliano who’s notorious for his flamboyant fashion characters, especially during the Fashion Week season? Isn’t religion about forgiveness and peace to begin with? Who are we to cast the first stone? Had he been wearing a white cassock like the Pope, would we have bashed him just the same? Please share your thoughts, I’m really curious to know how you feel about this new Galliano issue! (images from the OdlRenta Fall collection Filippo Fior/InDigital/GoRunway; styledotcom; images with Galliano’s outfits Getty, Splashnews; huffingtonpostdotcom)

gloves for fall Oscar de la Renta collection

Oscar de la Renta fall 2013 collection with Galliano


#1 ana on 02.15.13 at 8:07 am

That is not hassidic. The only near reference to hassidic are the ringlets, but those are not “peyos” the traditional sidelocks that Hasidic wear.
Besides, he was wearing blue, not black like a Hasid, and a gray hat without the standard wide brim.
Now, on his work : I didnt like the collection as a whole. It fell flat.
I am glad he got a 2nd chance. As you well said kpriss : it is all about forgiveness.

#2 Ellington on 02.15.13 at 10:35 am

He is obviously making a ‘homage’ to the male Hassidic look. The elements of it are there, despite that he is not wearing all black.
Considering his history with saying vile things about Jews, I find his idea of costume quiet odd and a tad sad.
I hope that he makes a good go of his second chance and gets back to making beautiful and artful designs.

#3 Appollonia on 02.16.13 at 11:30 am

No, the look isn’t Hasidic. But I can see where John’s criticasters are coming from. It’s definitely inspired by the Hasidic look.
I wouldn’t give in but it is what it is.
Not a smart move. Probably he didn’t meant to be rude but was so naive to try make a sort of ‘positive statement’. And none of these fashion airheads around him tried to warn him for yet another disaster. Most of these people don’t live in the real world……

I still don’t believe Galliano is a anti-semite or whatever. He was obviously in very, very deep trouble when he was provoked and filmed. I felt sorry for him.
I don’t care much about this look. I think it’s very John Galliano. That’s all.

I am against everything fundamentalist. Of whatever kind. No matter what it stand for. They are dangerous people and always cause a stir and worse.
Religion is about forgiveness? That’s what is preached but too often not practised as we can see throughout history and still on a daily basis…..

#4 Diyana on 02.17.13 at 4:58 pm

Appollonia said all! nothing to add.

#5 mary on 08.22.13 at 12:26 pm

Coco Chanel wasn’t “given” a second chance, she TOOK it. The reviews were scathing. Did that stop her? Far from it. Galliano COULD be the second most important name in the history of fashion if he would keep his mouth shut, stay off the substances, ( a tall order, I know.), and focus on the clothes, the clothes, the clothes. Believe me , with talent like his at stake, all will be eventually forgiven, never forgotten, and he will be back in the game. His Jewish former customer base will probably (undoubtedly) shop other names, and that will be a very large price to pay. And he will have to come to grips with that and another whole group who CANNOT forgive him for his inebriated ramblings. I believe he is strong enough to deal with that. And stay humble enough personally and let the clothes shout instead. I miss his flamboyance and I am not alone in that. Peace.

#6 roxanne on 05.02.14 at 12:53 am

He’s a schmuck, AND he’s a brilliant designer.

I assume he drinks in the privacy of his own home, now…. :P

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