Kate Moss About to Set a New Web Sweater Trend

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Webs have been “in” about 4-5 years ago. Is Kate trying a revival or are we witnessing a rare “don’t” signed by La Moss?

Besides her high-keel-over-the-knee boots and black skinny jeans she carries around everywhere this white web is a big question mark on the eyes of fashionistas all over the world. Let’s wait and see if Kate Moss is going to bring this trend in the spotlight again. (and have our saying in the mean time – it’s a do or a don’t?)

Kate Moss Wearing a Web Sweater


#1 Kate Moss Collection for Topshop Spring Summer 2008 — StyleFrizz on 03.14.08 at 12:26 pm

[…] stands for beyond any fashion sense? Beyond any indulgence we might (still) have on Kate Moss the uber trendy designer? I’m working all my imagination in this rhetorical speech and can’t see the […]

#2 Rob Schneider rules on 03.22.10 at 6:00 pm

Hey! There’s the ubiquitous black leather jacket! I love it! So is Kate following that trend or did she start it?

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