Nicole Richie House Of Harlow Jewelry Collection

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At first there was the news about Nicole Richie’s intentions to launch a maternity clothing line. Now those rumors are swept away by the “House of Harlow” Collection.

No, it’s not about clothes. It’s about jewelry. Just like Christina Aguilera, new mum Nicole has a jewelry collection coming out. This Fall, House of Harlow will proudly hit the market.
“It’s all costume jewelry. I like to play with jewelry and mix and match. (I’m working with) this really talented woman named Shelley Gibbs. She’s an artist and she sketches everything.”
Am I getting things wrong here? Clothing is harder than jewelry making? I thought opening your wardrobe for a team of hardworking stylists who will ever remain in shadow it’s as simple as it gets…(via popcrunch, sfgate)

Nicole Richie Various Images

UPDATE: Here are two images from the House Of Harlow 1960 Collection by Nicole Richie. Have to say, it looks pretty catchy! (click thumbnails to see larger images)

House of Harlow Nicole Richie Jewelry Line 2 House of Harlow Nicole Richie Jewelry Line 1


#1 b on 06.08.08 at 6:15 am

woohoo go richie
she is a gorgeus woman with many advantages
to acheive goals in life i think this is a brilliant idea
supporting you all the way :)

#2 Armine Abrahamyan on 06.08.08 at 10:48 pm

I am proud of her that she has the time to dedicate to her image in the fashion industry as well.


#3 Adriana on 06.09.08 at 4:55 am

Nicole Richie designs jewellery? Right. Shelley Gibs is an artis and a talented woman who does sketch everyting for the ‘House of Harlow Collection’?

So talented artists get attention by working for a celeb these days? Otherwise there’s no room for the real artists anymore because people get too much exited by a famous name?
And what has Nicole achieved as a ?????….whatever, besides being ‘a celeb’? What’s the real reason for her fame? What’s her real talent?

What is there to admire on Nicole Richie???

#4 kpriss on 06.11.08 at 2:57 pm

mm.. let me see… Having lost so much weight?

..seriously – I think she’s done a good job getting away from those troubles she got into every minute of her before-life and having her baby. At least she pulled it off, this means there’s still hope, somewhere.. As for her designer talents, you already know my feelings concerning this kind of projects…It’s an empty shell signed by a media friendly figure.

#5 edie on 10.15.08 at 3:49 am

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#6 Megan on 04.22.09 at 6:45 am

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