Top 5 Fashion Trends for 2008

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Fashion’s all about forecasting, predicting and luring the consumer. And because that is our true world of fashion, the trends are announced by Fortune magazine! So roll out the red carpet, here come the 2008 fashion trends:

Accessories blend into one: the scarf. So if you expected the trends for handbags, shoes, any other leather small accessory, don’t! Because for the next year, scarves play the tune! Colorful, printed, or simply jersey, scarves will rock the fashion boat for 2008.

Oh, did we talked about shoes early on? Mmm, well.. Shoes is a kind perspective for the next hot fashion 2008 trend: the fashion sneaker. My wild guess is that’s all about branding, again! Since haute-couture is no longer interesting for the average-normal-client and since they’ve gone mad about luring new markets (east european, asian) into the accessory field with names all-over the bags mainly, seems that the marketing department found a new way to sneak under our skin: sneakers. (phew!)

Tolani Scarf D & G Sneaker
Uma Thurman See Trough Dress Garbage Bag Dress

See what number three brings us: well, pretty much to see, indeed: the see-through clothes. If that’s a hot fashion trend for 2008, then we’re really in trouble! 2007 was all about color and now we had so much of it that we’re washing it ALL out? Heck! I’ll even put a curtain on, see what that fashion hottie’s all about!

At number four, after all that scarf-sport-looking-trough, we’re into scuba diving! Industrial fabrics are the next IT! Rubberized materials, anti microbial outfits (damn! Is there a bio-war coming and they don’t know how to announce it?).

Number five is our lucky one! It seems that 2008 is gonna be sport and work out and then spa-consumer-temple. Tomorrow’s hangouts are the fifth hot fashion (?!) trend for next year. Meaning that soon we’ll get up, put a see trough curtain on, get into the spa, then step into the hairdresser’s, cosmetic shrine, then up one level to get a proper see trough dress and maybe the latest luxury sneaker, then up one level to the library checking out the latest Nobel-prized novel, then catch a bite and hurry down to the dj lounge and enjoy the rest of the evening in this temple of fashion, art and music!

How’s 2008 fashion sound to you?



#1 pam on 12.14.07 at 2:14 pm

I loved your article and i’m a sport fan myself, so the next year’s fashion trends sound nice to me.

#2 dee on 12.14.07 at 4:18 pm

i don’t see how they’ve got to these 2008 trends. maybe you’re right and it’s just marketing coz sneakers r for teenagers and see-trough fabrics for the bedroom usage.
it’s just MHO

#3 lauren on 12.15.07 at 2:07 am

that sounds awfull! i’m sticking with my jeans and pumps, no way they’ll put rubberized clothes on me!

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#5 Teddy on 12.18.07 at 10:11 am

nah that shites hopefully on the way out! metallic and this new rave bold nonsense, wheres all the chic classic garments gone, just cause when you casually dress this doesn’t mean you have to make a persuasive personal statement. its all about individuality.

#6 Aidan on 12.30.07 at 4:28 am

i agree with a few things there but If you look at most of the spring 08 runway shows you dont see alot of the things described on here.I mean seriously the scarf and what did he say “the fashion sneaker” true lanvin and raf simons and a few others have had some nice kicks for s/s ,but hardly a trend and metallic pleaseee so done,Id say trends for s/s are
1.all about waist and legs
2.romantic floral prints,ruching,pleating etc
3.purple !
4.goddess silouettes
5.Nicolas ghesquiere .. i jus love him :)

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#9 Sandra C. on 05.19.08 at 6:45 am

Well, I loved this article, but I hate transparencies in clothes, but I know that here in my country it would be great, because of the intense heat.

#10 kpriss on 05.21.08 at 6:54 am

Sandra, there’s the choice of fabric that counts the most when intense heat involved. And most of the transparent fabrics are synthetic. I’d always go with cotton in very warm summer.

Aidan I agree when it comes to purple, it’s the color of this season. As for Ghesquiere.. I’m not sure…

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