Jessica Simpson Lingerie Collection

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Why not, after all? In a few years we’ll have toilet paper signed by some fancy celebrity! I’m starting to feel a strange trend in the air: it’s over with “sex sells” it’s “a name sells” just about everything and anyhow.

So, the big news is that Jessica Simpson prepares a lingerie collection for spring 2009. I wonder if the fashion houses that engaged in the hunting party against the counterfeits campaign ever imagined a darker future than they’re trying hard to eradicate now! Because if this celeb thing goes any longer, we will soon replace the regular fake LV or Hermes with a regular original Perez Hilton par exemple. What’s worse?

Jessica Simpson Various Images
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#1 sara on 06.25.08 at 12:16 pm

yeah go for it jess.i cant wait until your laungerie line comes out.

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