Trends Face off – Sequins vs Liquid

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How long do you think all that silvery trend will go on? Haven’t we had enough of metallic shine already? What we’re seeing for the past few years is a splash-out of sparks. So this must be the ‘just can’t get enough’ trend.

Because we so much love to shine, to stand out from the crowd, we choose glamorous accessories at least. Should we consider that all this shine-addiction is pathological? That, in fact, fashion stylists are taking advantage of a flaw in woman nature? The need to stand out in the crowd?

Hm. Let’s pull ourselves together girls, fashion’s not meant to be all that headache! (of course, except choosing the dress to wear or the perfect shoes to match!) We’re here to judge this particular trends face off.

The main problem with liquid metallic is that your figure must be at least perfect so the material could not find something to trouble its shine (that’s being diplomatic, because the plain simple truth is that fabrics like lame that are used to create the liquid impression stick to the body and follow it’s every curve. We don’t appreciate looking less than perfect, do we?).

The main advantage of sequins is represented by the exact opposite of the liquid flaw – the sequins have a lucky texture and a friendly way to represent your body without any imperfection we wouldn’t enjoy sharing with the rest of the audience.

Well, that being our theory, we’ll just invite you make your choice: Sequins or Liquid. Here are some examples with Sarah Jessica Parker, Mischa Barton, Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Hudson, Emy Rossum, Vanessa Hudgens and Hayden Panettiere. Don’t forget to vote (after the pictures)!

Sarah Jessica Parker Sequins Dress Mischa Barton Liquid Dress
Jessica Alba Sequins Dress Hilary Duff Sequins Dress Jennifer Hudson Sequins Dress
Emy Rossum Liquid Metallic Dress Vanessa Hudgens Sequins Dress Hayden Panettiere Sequins Dress

Choose the winner trend: Sequins or Liquid ?

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i love sjp’s dress! she has such a stunning sense of style!

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