The Secret Behind Successful Personal Style

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Some of you know me from the beginnings of Stylefrizz. Some have joined the adventure along the way and some are just random, accidental readers. I welcome and love you all and today I’ll be giving back a lesson I learned through all these years of ‘blogging’.

The most important thing I learned – fashion wise – is that style is not a simple word. Style is an attitude. Style is the most complex and yet the most simple way of expressing one’s personality. Scroll down and I’ll tell you everything I learned and how you too can learn to discover, build and cultivate your own Personal Style/Fashion!

the secret behind personal style

First of all, please know and truly understand that there is no universal secret to acquiring a personal style. Money can’t buy personal style. What money can do is hire a personal stylist, someone who can help you in finding and exercising your personal style voice (and also steal all the fun away from the real personal style journey).

Global approach
What is personal style? The answer is in its very name: it’s a personal interpretation of fashion. In the contemporary context, fashion is a speeded up process, the means enabling us to lead very active lives. Fashion had always been a result of the social and historic context so it’s important to know the world you live in before trying to discover what your personal style should be.

Individual approach
Establish your place in the current world order -_^ is a mandatory step in the journey to discovering your personal style. The different parts of the world can spawn different needs and reading the Australian Vogue when living in Northern Canada might be disconcerting. Put it on a piece of paper if it helps – the world is spinning in a very fast, active pace and you’re living in this and that climate with its particularities.

•  daily routine
Also please be honestly aware of your daily routine and where your days may take you. If you’re living in a rural area, chances are your shoes needs would be radically different from a person living in New York. However, while it is perfectly normal for you to love stilettos, it wouldn’t be recommended to walk muddy fields while wearing them. Or invest in high heels if you’re wearing wellies 80% of the time.

•  age and social status
Just as different brands have split their customers demographics in several labels (a ‘youth’ targeted label, a ‘maternity’ section, an ‘office wear’ section and so on), according to your age group there are things you can include in your wardrobe and some you can put back on the store rack. Honesty and realism are your best friends throughout Finding your Personal Style journey!

•  physical specificities
Honest and realistic, right? That’s what I said would help you the most in your style quest. That’s what will help you in any quest but that’s another story altogether. Much like walking muddy fields in stilettos, wearing clothes that will stick in every curve of our bodies, shoes that make our feet hurt, earrings aching our earlobes, hair treatments causing hair thinning/loss – I could go on, but it wouldn’t serve the purpose of this story.

Do you know how: Media is using our personal insecurities to keep us from finding our personal style voice?

The point is that you can’t fit a size 12 into a size 8 tshirt. Unless you want to stretch the life of it and prove what point? That you can fit into that teeny tiny size? Yeah, great, you did it! Good for you, now can you take off that size 8 and breathe again? It’s just an example, you fill in the blanks in your story!

secret to building true personal style

The concept of having a personal style is having the right personal expression that would enable each and every one of us to reach our goals, to be the best versions of ourselves possible. Nowhere does it say that in order to have a personal style, we have to have someone else’s style or absolutely hire someone who invents a personal style for us.

Sure, we can all hide behind big words ‘no time’ and ‘not good with fashion’ are among my favorites. But if we could just stick to simple, uncomplicated, unfacy and practical, we wouldn’t need a fashion degree just to get dressed in the morning.

Because we’re used to hearing that we don’t know how to dress ourselves or because we’re hearing every day that most (famous) people employ the professional services of a fashion stylist, we forgot that fashion is just a means to an end. And the end is us. Style is a consistent approach to fashion, one that should always represent you and your life.

Trends may come and go, but if you’re honest and mindful, they won’t have a have an effect on you.

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