Dare To Wear Red Gate Stitchery’s Stitch Wood Jewelry?

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Jewelry with a heart, meaningful decorations – I treasure that in about everything I own and, above all, I feel inspired by arts & crafts made with love!

This week’s Dare to Wear question addresses yet another facet of everyday used materials – wood and colorful thread stitched together with talent and dedication by Susan Fitzgerald, the creator of Red Gate Stitchery. All her charming pieces are handmade and have a modern, authentic look and feel to them!

bamboo jewelry Red Gate Stitchery

The cotton thread used in the making of the necklaces is hand-dyed meaning that the color won’t be as uniform and as identical as industrial thread. Although the offering encompasses four colors (cream, red, navy blue and turquoise blue), customization is available, if so desired, as all the items are made to order.

wood wool jewelry Red Gate Stitchery

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Bamboo wood wool thread stitched Red Gate Stitchery

Red Gate Stitchery jewelry

The tiny holes in the bamboo wood are laser-cut while the chain can be either bronze or silver (and I’m certain that the pendant would make a wonderful, although less sturdy match hanging on a leather strap as well). Susan Fitzgerald herself admitted that mixing natural materials together is simply amazing:

‘I adore the idea of combining the traditional art of cross stitch with unexpected and modern materials. The result is a collection of pieces that are fun and easy to stitch, and let you show off your creativity in new and exciting ways.’

stitch jewelry Red Gate Stitchery Susan

Susan Fitzgerald happily shares her cross stitch passion through her Red Gate Stitchery creations

There’s more than jewelry in the Red Gate Stitchery, though! Susan thought about sharing her passion for cross stitching and straight stitching by putting together DIY Cross/Straight Stitch Kits! Everyone can turn into a jewelry maker by using the thread provided in the kids and sew as their inspiration tells them to or simply follow the instruction included in the kit!

stitched felt Red Gate Stitchery

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wood keychains Red Gate Stitchery

Keychains and pendants, even coaster kits are available and they would make such wonderful gifts! Even cross stitch patterns are available – stitch and frame those little cuties and they would make a fantastic wall art addition to any home! Not to mention the seasonal goodies for Christmas, Easter or Valentine’s Day! (if you want to know more and follow Susan’s RedGateStitchery you can do so on her blog or on etsy)

seasonal wood cross stitch Red Gate Stitchery Christmas Easter

seasonal creations for Christmas (left) and Easter (right) make a wonderful touch for any Holiday decor

wood jewelry kit Red Gate Stitchery

there’s more than just pret-a-porter Jewelry in the Red Gate Stitchery story as Susan also makes DIY stitching kits

Cross Stitch Pattern Red Gate Stitchery

stitching patterns are also available for those who wish to add a DIY touch to their decor

Straight Stitches Jewelry Red Gate Stitchery

wood ring Red Gate Stitchery

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