Can’t Find Adidas Yeezy: Would You Buy Replicas?

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How familiar are you with Adidas Yeezy? Do you know, for instance, that the Yeezy Boost 350s is the most awaited sneakers release this year? And do you know that last year they sold out in mere minutes and you can find them on ebay for thousands of dollars? Yes. A pair of sneakers (textile upper) priced at $4,000 (and more)!

Did you know all that? I was barely aware of the madness surrounding the Yeezy sneakers, yet it doesn’t surprise me one bit. I find it’s quite relevant for today’s society values.

adidas yeezy kanye west concept

Kanye West was adamant about his fashion ventures and he tried to make a statement by either designing women’s sandals with Giuseppe Zanotti, collaborating with Louis Vuitton, and Nike. Something went wrong with the latter as Kanye switched to Adidas in 2013, releasing his first shoes, the Yeezy 350 in June 2015. Smart man, Mr West, he made a very limited collection (some 9000 pairs available for New York) and two different release dates for US and for Europe. Most certainly something similar will happen for the 2016 issue for the new Yeezy Bosts 350s (or whatever the name/number of mr West’s next footwear enterprise).

Remember when: Kanye West was advertising his Louis Vuitton designs?

These are but marketing tricks, I’m afraid nothing about them speaks volumes about the quality of the sneakers per se… Whereas the looks can be worryingly similar to other Adidas issues (or even Nike – cue the Nike Roshe Flyknit editions), the Yeezy can set you back $200 if you’re lucky enough to catch them in store. Is that extra $ worth of technology or it’s just fame money? For instance, a pair of Men’s Roshe Run Flyknit costs around $100… Construction-wise, the two sports shoes have little differences with their knitted uppers and oversized rubber outsoles. Why spend (at least) $100 more for the Yeezys?

nike roshe flyknit vs adidas yeezy

Just because they’re ‘in-trend’? The trouble with trends is that they’re hot this second, gone the other. And if Kanye is not wearing his (white) Yeezy sneakers on his very house’s construction site (preferring his socks to wonder around the sandy, cementy surroundings), you would definitely not be wearing the Yeezy sneakers for sports purposes either! So just to walk around and peacockly prance about your footwear at the nearest mall and Starbucks… Yeah, that may be worth something for some. Not for all, though.

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So all those who are not into fame buying – would you ever consider buying a pair of replica Yeezy be it just to protest? It’s not something I would encourage – I’m always careful to compensate the hard work invested in the fabrication process of either item I purchase. However, this silly state of commerce in which fame is more important than technology and intellectual worth, I’m seriously considering sabotage. And not buying the product seems to not be enough any more – what should we do to limit the overwhelming rise of the fame over quality and real values?

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