DIY Burberry Fall Winter 2015 Pompom Bracelets For Less

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Another day, another fashion show, another inspiration for a fun Do-It-Yourself fashion project! The Fall Winter 2015 2016 season sent beautiful designs on the catwalk but the moment I laid eyes on the Burberry fashion show, I knew I wanted those Pom-Pom bracelets!

Don’t you? I made a note to buy some supplies at the nearest craft store as soon as possible and moved on. Until today when I realized I may bypass the craft store entirely and use something I already have: an old burgundy scarf with a texture identical to the pom-poms! Hurray! Let’s get to DIY business!

diy Burberry bracelets

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I scooped some old bracelets I used to wear, dozens stacked on my forearm, dangling with every more more than an army of Feng-Shui bells! You know the drill: scissors, glue gun and my trusted camera! I can’t say I measured the cutouts but from what I saw on the Burberry catwalk, I wanted about four pompoms per bracelet – so I cut 4 pieces about a finger long, each.

DIY Burberry pompom bracelets step one

Cutting them was just about the right time for my glue gun to start melting the gooey silicone – some people get all jittery about gooey cake batters, I always get excited when the silicone gun is ready to use! This means a new DIY project is in the works! Magic! Yeah, baby!

So I just rolled the cutout on itself as to form a ball. There’s really no need to be a perfectionist about it, just to keep the round shape, it’s fluffy either way and because it will hand around someone’s wrist, the permanent movement won’t allow for any imperfection to stand out! That’s the diy-er privilege – indulgence about the little imperfections (wink).

DIY Burberry pompom bracelets step two

Now that I have my four fuzzy balls ready, I can glue them on the bracelet to achieve the beautiful Burberry Fall Winter 2015 2016 bracelet! Again – no measurements, just rightful placing the pompons across from one-another. Let it cool. Breathe!
(do you feel the excitement? Can’t wait to try it on and tell everyone that this is my Burberry bracelet!)

DIY Burberry Fall 2015 bracelets

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Now I know what I’ll give my girlfriends for Easter! Their very own Burberry bracelets! Remember: a DIY a day will keep the doctor away! (images from the Burberry Fall Winter 2015 2016 fashion show & backstage courtesy Indigital Images/; all other images are my own, I hope they serve you right in making your own Burberry pieces!)

how to diy burberry bracelet fall 2015

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Cute craft!

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