DIY Vintage Lace Wedding Veil With Crystals

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What’s a wedding for you? Of course, I’m talking fashion-wise and diy-wise and… you know, style-wise in general – so you may want to skip the champagne bubbles talk… Here, I’ll help you:

To me, a wedding is a special celebration of love. As such, it should be about l.o.v.e. and not about anything else (including pleasing the MIL or the distant cousins who just flew in extra miles to see you exchanging vows). Focus on that celebration and you’ll be gorgeous even if you’ll wear an outrageously environment unfriendly plastic bag for a dress!

I’ve been asked by a friend to help out with a wedding… With a bride’s veil and the Godmother’s head piece as well.
Honestly, I thought I would f-up royally, but it ended up being the closest to Haute Couture I’d ever get, so…

head lace vintage veil

I loved the experience! So much, I decided to share it, out of the blogging blue! And I know I can count on you for an honest feedback! When my friend asked for my help, I was scared out of my mind. Sure, I accepted, but on the inside, I was like: ‘)(@(^*^&#(*&^#%^(*#&%^#(*&^#)#%)^&#^*^%%!’ and then some!

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I’m going through a mid-fashion life crisis, how can I help anyone if I can’t even help myself?
Fashion Life Crisis Lesson No1: When in self-doubt, help someone without expecting anything in return!

‘Creating’ the wedding veil was easy as I was given the following: dark hair bride, long hair, braided into a low, generous bun. Immaculate white wedding dress with Swarovski crystals belt and matching earrings. Obviously, the Bride had something for Swarovski and sparkling clear stones!

lace wedding veil diy

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I went out and what I chose was based on the Bride (who I did not know personally) and her tastes but also on my personal preferences for contrasts. I had to put together a veil that would have Swarovski(like) stones and …. Lace! Lace is the perfect contrast for those sparkly stones! Delicate but not too much, it would bend the shimmering stones into a completely new aesthetic, a vintage one, to give the stones and the lace true value together.

wedding veil diy lace crystals

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I sew the stones onto the lace (2m/ apx 80inch – would have done it longer, but I feared that the head veil would get caught up in the belt stones or – worse – tangled up in a dance swirl and fly off). Prepared a stiff bow and secured it in place by sewing it once the lace had stiffen over night (equal parts Elmer’s Glue and water, dried on a non-stick circular shaped surface).

diy wedding veil with feathers

Added some feathers for the end and the bow (the optional sparkle) and the lace veil was ready to be knotted!

how to sew wedding veil feathers

As I said before, I do not know the Bride personally, so it was not an easy task to style such an important accessory for such an important day, but! I pulled it off quite nicely – the reports (we’re still waiting for the official photos) flew in ‘dazzling!’ ‘fantastic’ ‘gorgeous’ and so forth. I was really nervous and excited to be part of it all, I hope you won’t mind me modeling the head piece ^_^.

vintage head veil white

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…to be continued (with the Godmother head piece)

vintage wedding veil with stones


#1 Adriana V on 08.20.15 at 8:29 am

The veil looks lovely, a bit folkloric to me. No saying that’s a bad thing, it’s the bride choice after all. Hopes it looks as good on her as it does on you.

#2 kpriss on 08.20.15 at 11:58 am

Thank you! I hope so too! after all, this time it was more than me having fun at my diy table :-)

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