Dare To Wear The Custom Unique Anouk Jewerly?

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A few hours ago we talked about some statement necklaces which, beyond their aesthetic function have little signification. But our dear friend, Ellington, showed me something really magic, rare and worth mentioning: Anouk Jewelry.

In the following lines, I’ll try to convince you that it’s definitely a unique experience and even if just for the enchantment of knowing that people&businesses like this still exist and make people happy, get to know Anouk Jewelry!

I first thought: oh, look, another page with lovely rings and such, pretty, precious but not for me. Because I never quite found myself in a piece of jewelry: the only exception is my wedding ring. That stands for something. Simple, beautiful, solid. Meaningful. I keep wearing the same studded earrings for so many years, I sometimes forget I wear them. Because I didn’t find the right earrings yet. The meaningful, simple, beautiful earrings for ‘me’. Maybe a pair of simple pearl studs one day. But I keep my hair down anyway, why does it matter if I have these ones or any other ones?

unique custom made jewelry Anouk Jewelry

Oh, I realize hardcore fashionistas would roll their eyes up to the ceiling reading these lines. But I’m an honest individual. Before being a woman and a fashion amateur. A simple girl with simple pleasures. I won’t change my wardrobe just because this year pink is de rigueur and next year it’s neon yellow. That’s for those who haven’t found their style yet. Let them wonder from store to store, from trend to trend! I know what I like, I stock on those and wear them well!

What good is a pair of shiny new jeans if they’re not torn here and there and the only thing you know about them is the store you bought them from? My favorite pair of jeans? I wear them since my eldest boy was born. They’re the same age as he is. They’re ripped at the hem and they have one knee that is completely torn. The pocket where I keep my phone is ripped around the edges of my phone. And I could go on still. Can I say the same about my beloved skinny Levi’s? no. End of story.

beautiful custom made rings Anouk Jewelry

Back to Anouk Jewelry: they’re custom made, my dahlings! And not just any ‘custom’ made like in engraved with the owner’s name or significant date! NO! Anat Kaplan, the talented owner and creative mind behind this particular jewelry brand makes her custom jewelry after having met and talked to her clients. She really designs and hand makes the right jewelry for the right person. For the right occasion. That really blew me away! Not just the beauty of her precious rings, earrings, necklaces and wedding jewelry! The personal approach. The level of intimate involvement. Breathing life and inspiration into a piece of metal! Pay all you want, you’ll never find this at Tiffany!

exquisite custom made rings Anouk Jewelry

And the raw finish of the jewelry is so beautiful! It’s imperfect, just like anything else in nature, just like us! But perfect in their imperfections! Every facet, every angle gives a unique perspective, a new light on the same object. 1000 different angles give 1000 different reasons to know your jewelry better and appreciate it more. Because it’s not smooth or mechanically processed into a flawless, mirror shiny surface. I like that. Raw. Delicate. Textured. You touch that jewelry and you feel something other than cold, reflective metal, sharp edges and crystal clear stones.

custom made unique beautiful jewelry Anouk Jewelry

Anat Kaplan’s road to recognition may be at its beginnings, but her path is different. Her path is inspiring and beautiful. Her creativity is sourced in her empathy and in our ancestors art. Known or unknown. In nature’s ways and heart’s melody. I’m happy to have had the honor to admire and acknowledge Anouk Jewelry and I hope my modest, unreserved admiration poured into these lines will help spread the word about Toronto’s talented jewelry designer, Anat Kaplan! (find more about her and her designs at anoukjewelry dot com)


#1 Ellington on 05.15.13 at 2:53 pm

I am so glad that you liked the Anouk Jewelry Kpriss!
I loved it as soon as I saw it and for the same reasons as you mentioned. I love the beautiful unfinished beauty of the pieces. They are things that could become heirlooms, or just cherished pieces of whimsy! : )
So much unique loveliness! : )

#2 Appollonia on 05.16.13 at 12:25 pm

Anouk….when I read that headline I thought of someone else. Seriously! Someone who is the best singer and song writer at the Eurovision Song Contest. Lols, I never ever watch the event but this time it’s on. I even watch the competition, sort of….;)

Even I like this and not because of the name. And that’s something for someone that doesn’t consider “diamonds as a girl best friend” :)

Kpriss, I would not like your blog, your visions if you were a die-hard trend following fashionista. Do not change ;) ;*

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