2 Exceptional Fashion Magazines You Need To Have This Fall!

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Exploring fashion’s still off-beat paths could be the answer old-schoolers and creatives are looking for in an industrialized style era where every detail is handled by professionals.

Fall is about to start, let’s offer ourselves the chance of a new beginning, the opportunity to pick the ripe fashion fruits of those who are truly inspired, beyond the mainstream flow: The Gentlewoman and Another. Two electric cover girls, each in her own way conquered the world: Robyn, the Gentlewoman, with her electric music, Kate Moss, AnOther model, with her electric unique style.

Fall Fashion Magazines you need

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Robyn the Gentlewoman cover Fall 2014

The Gentlewoman’s 10th issue, covering the 2014 Fall and 2015 Winter comes with Robyn, the queen of electric pop, as photographed by Liz Collins. A very interesting choice for a cover story since two of their previous ladies chosen to front The Gentlewoman (Beyonce and Adele) were clearly reigning supreme over the audience. Not Robyn, though: it’s really difficult to get everyone to like her original approach to electric pop music or her eclectic personal style (which allows her to freely customize a pair of Rick Owens shoes as below).

Robyn custom made shoes Rick Owens

customizing a pair of Rick Owens shoes to match Robyn’s personal style

Robyn personal fashion style

Robyn has electric preferences both in music and in fashion as she constantly shares images of her unique outfits

But if we do get everyone to agree on something is that Robyn is definitely a singular voice, a long lasting oasis of creativity and inspiration in the wide wild world of entertainers. Her most recent project is called ‘Monument’ – a visual symphony for the collaboration song with Royksopp directed by her friend (and fiancé) Max Vitali.

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AnOther magazine decided to go with Kate Moss for their 10th anniversary (Kate’s first AnOther cover was photographed by Craig McDean for the magazine’s S/S04 issue). Certified gold, Kate delivers each and every time. Four different covers, each showcasing a different face, a different approach of fashion photography and a fifth, bonus, digital cover in collaboration with a respected Fashion Maison.

Kate Moss Another digital cover Burberry

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Under the cover title ‘Kate Moss Never Enough’, four reputed photographers worked with famous stylists for their best representation of Kate the Great: Alasdair McLellan and Alister Mackie, Collier Schorr and Katy England, Craig McDean and Oliver Rizzo, Willy Vanderperre also with Olivier Rizzo and the digital cover with Burberry filmed by Ruth Hogben and styled by Katie Shilingford. While 10 years ago, Kate was fronting the magazine’s Spring Summer issue, now she’s the subject of a multicover AnOther issue for Autumn Winter 2014 2015 declined in different stories:

Kate Moss Another Fall 2014 4 covers

‘These stories are precisely about Kate Moss the fashion icon, not Kate Moss the person, who uses her intuition to interpret and bring to life in her unique way the vision of her collaborators,’ editor in chief, Jefferson Hack, declared about this issue. ‘This is why we can never get enough of Kate…she is beyond fashion. […] our generation’s most significant fashion icon. She changed the history of fashion by breaking the rules as a model […] She did it without a script, without a plan, and seemingly without a care.’

Kate Moss Another cover 2004 2014 comparison

side by side covers: Another SS04 (L) by Craig McDean and Another AW14 (R) by Alasdair McLellan

How endearing is to read Hack’s words and admire ‘Love Kate Forever’ on AnOther cover? Let’s all take a moment and remember Kate in 2004 – she was a young mother to her 2002-born daughter, Lila Grace Hack (yes, as in Jefferson Hack, the very editor-in-chief of Another magazine’s daughter). Coincidence? Maybe. The truth is that beyond the repetitive presence of Kate in the fashion media, we all want her face, her perfect bones structure, her chameleonic professional style and her unique personal style.

Kate Moss Another 2014 Craig McDean pictorial

Craig McDean’s pictorial of Kate Moss from the pages of AnOther AW14

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Kate Moss Another 2014 Willy Vanderperre pictorial

Willy Vanderperre’s coated images of Kate Moss from the Fall-Winter 2014 issue of AnOther magazine

Alasdair McLellan Kate Moss Another FW14

Kate Moss Another AW14 Alasdair Mclellan

Another FW 14 Kate Moss pictorial

Kate Moss photographed by Alasdair McLellan for the Fall-Winter 2014 issue of AnOther magazine

Kate Moss Collie Shorr Another FW14

black and white images of Kate Moss taken by Collie Shorr for the Fall-Winter 2014 issue of AnOther magazine

Kate Moss black and white pictures Another FW14 Collie Shorr

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