Daphne Guinness Evening In Space Video Will Blow Your Mind!

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Being a world-renowned fashion muse with an estimated worth of $100Millions, with friends in all the high and right places doesn’t save you from being ridiculous: in other words, Daphne Guinness pulled a Paris Hilton on us!

The 46-year old heiress to the eponymous beer empire is now a complete artist with an upcoming album soon under her belt. Scheduled to launch this September 2014, Daphne’s album has the support of her artsy friends Nick Knight and David LaChapelle with whom she has worked many times before and Tony Visconti (whose collaborations includes David Bowie, among many others – which may be just why this Evening in Space has a distinct Ziggy Stardust feel). Scroll down to see the video!

Daphne Guinness Evening in Space music video

This is Daphne’s second single, actually, the first one – Fatal Flaw – was launched last year, also with the extraordinary help of Nick Knight. Ironically so, the title can describe the heiress’ vocal talents for some. For others, the visual feast of her eccentric and exquisite wardrobe is excuse enough for any musical cacophony.

Daphne Guinness neon castle music video

in a Bubblegum Galaxy, far, far away…

Let’s see what we can find out from Daphne’s Evening in Space: Daphne (like she confessed in an interview last year) is stuck in the 80s, thus her Bowie-ish music, neon staging and cotton-candy alien puppy love seem to be revisiting just that time. Living in a cartoonish neon landscape (pink clouds? how original!), Daphne pictures herself as an old-school stage music performer dolled up in geisha outfits.

Daphne Guinness performs on kitsch stage

…performed a colorful Bird of Paradise surrounded by long-lost treasures!

Daphne Guinness impressive headpiece Evening in Space

‘no gravity, no vanity’, her eyes softly whispered

Daphne Guinness Evening in Space music video balance scenes

You gotta love her choreography! she looks like she’s walking on a string, her moves main focus seems to be balance, even when she’s seated!

Daphne Guinness Evening in Space music video golden suit

how insanely fit is this 46-year old mother of 3? (I’d buy her fitness routine DVD any day over this Space Oddity thingie!)

Daphne Guinness Evening in Space music video impressive makeup

oh, Gaga would be so envious of her bubble headset and her butterfly eyes makeup! Every fashion detail is way more impressive than the musical worth of this song

See also: Lady Gaga’s looks inspired a series of dolls in her fabulous liking!

Although we love Daphne Guinness’s fashion sense and eccentrically exquisite wardrobe, Katy Perry & Gaga visited this Alien-thingy before and we’re felling pretty saturated with Twilight-ish love songs! If anything, this video proves that Daphne is human and she can fall off of her hoof-like heels (except she has a candy-pink-alien to revive her).

Daphne Guinness Evening in Space music video falls off heels

oops! with great heights come great balance responsibilities

Daphne Guinness pink alien

here comes ET!

Daphne Guinness saved by alien prince

awww! Fashion’s Sleeping Beauty gets the kiss of alien-life!

See also: Katy Perry’s interpretation on alien love&life!

Talking about odd – Daphne seems to be into flexible metal hoses and she might have a slightly different perspective on body anatomy than the rest of us (at least judging by the explicit intimate scenes in her video – consciously coupling alien male parts and female human sternum seems to be a source of infinite pleasure for Daphne). She must’ve secretly studied Cosmo’s secrets for a fabulous love life! It’s all good when it ends good and Daphne seems to have gone through an orgasmic beyond-death experience which transformed her into a neon alien.

Daphne Guinness eccentric love life taste music video

Daphne should definitely copyright a new fetish after her own flexible metal taste

Daphne Guinness gets intimate with Alien in music video

it’s time for a conscious uncoupling with green odd-looking aliens! pink is the new alien fashion!

Daphne Guinness ecstatic music video

’embrace chaos, there’s nothing to lose’, Daphne’s spacial synchronous climax looks intense

.. wasn’t Paris Hilton’s first single about love and stars too? just saying…

Daphne Guinness Evening in Space alien


#1 Ana on 08.18.14 at 5:24 am

I see… an “artist “herself ( let ‘s for a moment take the same trip she is taking ) plus a group of renowned artists behind the production. And all of them were totally unable to bring out something new ???
This is just a mix match of well known imagery (Theda Bara, Metropolis, Marlene Dietrich and the list goes on)
Also, she moves as graciously as a septuagenarian who forgot to take her Parkinson’s medication.
And to think this thing is the final result after hours and hours of post production
What an embarrassment!

#2 kpriss on 08.18.14 at 6:52 am

Oh, Theda was definitely a pioneer! I wouldn’t see Daphne there! (I loved how you described her dance moves! I giggled with sheer delight!) I’m sincerely in awe about Nick Knight’s work – his vision is always insanely brave and innovative. But this?

oh, I can now be at peace – I’m not the only one feeling odd about this ‘artistic’ moment!

#3 Ellington on 09.01.14 at 10:29 pm

I simply adore Daphne Guiness! She has always sang, she apparently is a big opera buff.
This is the coolness! I love her innate unique creative verve! : )

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