2015 Oscars Beauty: New Hairdo Trend Alert!

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After enjoying the movies and now the awards show, what’s left for us, Oscars viewers out there to do? Reminisce the trends and the highlights of the event! One of the things I noticed was a new hairdo!

A sort of punk-ish updo with just the superior section of the hair, the ‘crown’ as pros usually call it! Well, this Oscars hair-rising issue – which might’ve been caused by Neil Patrick Harris’ getting all undie-Birdman on the stage – is definitely a thing to replicate as it’s totally wearable and versatile – goes nicely with a casual look but also for fancier occasions – if it’s good enough for the Oscars, it’s good enough for us!

new hairdo trend oscars

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The brilliant thing about this new ‘crown updo’ is that it can be done on short hair as well as it can be done on longer hair! From Scarlett Johansson to Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep and Dorith Mous (artist, photographer, model), even Oscar winner Patricia Arquette and Mark Ruffalo’s girlfriend, Sunrise Coigney wore the new hairdo!

Oscars hairdo trend

For those who, like Scarlett, Dorith Mous and Sunrise have short hair with almost shaved sides, the idea is to maintain the hair on the middle all the way down to the neck. Those who have longer hair, like Meryl, Cate or Patricia, need a couple of bobby pins to secure the sides underneath the top middle section and an extra can of hairspray to ensure the necessary root volume for the Mohawk.

2015 Oscars hairstyle trend Cate Blanchett Patricia Arquette Meryl Streep

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If your hair is long enough, you can finish the back with a cute little bun (like Patricia and Cate) or just secure it in a mess of bobby pins – that’s ok too! The upper volume will steal all the attention either way and it would actually look so sophisticated, people will think you purposely showed the pins so you’ll might just as well start a trend!

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Either way it’s a style to try and to keep as it turns out it suits any type of hair as long as it’s properly styled and secured in place! Here are two video tutorials to help you make more sense of the Oscars hair-rising situation – one for long hair and one for pixie cuts.

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#1 Ellington on 02.24.15 at 11:28 am

I rather like the ‘messy’ simplicity and elegance of these styles.
I myself am going to go for a mess short bob this Spring/Summer. : )

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