Carine Roitfeld Quits Vogue Paris. Where Is She Going? Who Took Her Place?

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Today some pretty amazing piece of news hit the interwebs! For the unprepared, this would seem totally harmless and normal. For the fashpeople, it’s a tragedy! Carine Roitfeld has stepped down from the Vogue Paris throne!

Where is she going then? Who’d be taking her place? Those are the questions popping in everyone’s fashminds. The fashpeople stress out. Do you think she’ll be taking Vogue US? (I doubt her aesthetics match the US market, sincerely)

Carine Roitfeld front row

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#1 Agingerella on 12.20.10 at 7:19 am

She’s 56, 57? Good for her because how much time does a woman her age has to start something new? I admire her for daring to try something new. Thought it’s only for women of her calibre and talent. I expect her to surprise us. And why not some new fresh ideas for Vogue Paris? Carine and Vogue US? Noooooo….she’s too European so to speak. :-)

Anna take notice woman!!!!

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