Do You Think Kendall Jenner Deserves To Be The Hottest Model Of The Moment?

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She has walked for Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana among others, making her big debut at New York Fashion Week! From the pages of New York Times to Dazed and Vogue, Kendall is everywhere!

She used to be on Twitter and Instagram, a Forever 21 campaign here and a Teen Vogue there. But now she’s taking over the runway and the newsstands of the world. At just 19, Kendall Jenner is playing the big fashion league, with the same little league techniques: Kendall is part of the Kardashian reality TV family who’s capitalizing on their name for fame.

Kendall Jenner catwalk fashion week Fall 2014 Spring 2015

What differentiates Kendall from her TV fame-family and sets her a part as a fashion model? She’s been brought up in the spotlight, in the media world, so hosting events and taking advantage of her assets is something she had to, just like we had to write school essays to make a point or fight in obscure fashion competitions to stand out or get a chance at entering the glam fashion world.

Kendall Jenner then and now fashion magazines Teen Vogue Dazed

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Kendall skipped that beat. She had no need to prove she’s catchy or relevant as her DNA did it for her. She had no need to prove her intellectual worth as her ghostwriter did it for her (Kendall and her sister, Kylie, co-wrote Rebels: City of Indra (available here), with a little help from ghostwriter Maya Sloan). There’s no need to prove her fashion-worth either, her name already did it for her – as far as many fashion people go, Kendall is of no fashion value whatsoever.

Her face is unchangeable, her expression is set in stone and her Kardashian-esque features blow every chance at being stylish, ever. Authenticity and real worth are definitely out the window and it’s exasperating to see how the fashion world fell at Kendall’s feet in a weird common adoration psychosis.

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We’re keeping up this forth! We’re the no-Kendall frontier and we’re cultivating raw, real fashion here! Sustaining the worthy causes from 2007, Stylefrizz is publishing an open letter to Kendall Jenner from a fellow model and TheBlot Magazine contributor. Please feel free to read and comment below! (this is but an excerpt from the original found here)

Open letter to Kendall Jenner


#1 Adriana V on 12.03.14 at 1:59 pm

No one in charge cares what the ‘no frontier league’ thinks. Fashion, media and so also models has changed allot. The people in charge take the decisions and these decisions are often based on a surname, the amount of Instagram followers etc. the last years. These are the things that have become important. Also the new generation of fashion followers, merely brand and name followers with hardly a real opinion on anything about fashion click on the ‘like button’ or say “omg!” or “I want’ etc.
Models of the past didn’t have to care how many Instagram followers they have. These days models have to expose themselves all the time. Work a little harder. Kendall Jenner doesn’t even know what ‘a real life’ is. Do I blame her for that? No, I don’t. I blame the people in charge, not her.
I’d quit the interview after four minutes…. boring…… but who cares? Kendall will be around for a while followed by sister Kylie while Kim eats her heart out. ;) :D

Luckily there are still some great models with not a background like Kendall or other celebrity family who gets jobs and attention. But also these girls have to work hard on their Instagram account until the next big thing social media shows up.

Just look at the ‘comments’ at Facebook on anything fashion…… I bet you have and you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a pity, I miss the days of discussing fashion and anything related. The sign of the times……

#2 Ana on 12.04.14 at 6:48 am

I despise the Kardashians the most but I don’t think Kendal is a bad model. I almost like her. Clothes look good on her. The problem is having that surname attached to her will always make me think it was easier for her. Nobody will tell me Kane was not behind, pushing most of the fashion designers she worked for, starting with the biggest wh*re of them , Marc Jacobs.
And I can’t help but think if she really wanted to do something ” by herself” she should pursue a career far from the spot light. Why doesn’t anyone there want to be a physician , an architect or something that requires real effort and dedication ?

#3 Diyana on 12.05.14 at 8:12 am

I’m going to disappoint you on this!

I found her beautiful and suited at Givenchy Show 2014, her babyface, dark hair and the dress she was wearing were in harmony, Donnan Karan spring 15 the red suits her , Marc Jacobs with that dark wig, she had a good expression , her face is genuine, the Emilio Pucci Dress looks perfect on her, the Dolce Gabbana madonnaish look is also great and perfect for her.

Are we going to kill her dream because she’s related to the Kadarshians ( I never know how tow rite their name)? are runaways only for “runaways” girls from Deep poor Russia and Deep poor Africa or Caribe?

Of course that she has a chance of having a mentor ( Kanye) in the fashion, Yes and Yes , there are her sisters and scandals that go with Kim’s.

I prefer her than ( what’s her name again? the british royal”tish” Lavigne or Delvigne something).

I don’t have television, and I’m not interested in US realityTV, I probably saw one or 2 maximum episodes of ” keeping up with the Kad”, I talk with a distant eye, just appreciating her on catwalk, she’s worth it. I’m glad some designers are seeing it .

The nude picture she did, is really nice and artistic, the fact that you can see her breast on the catwalk, it’s normal she’s a model,
If I see her on Hermes, I will change my mind!! She’s not the type for that maison.

And she rocks Estée Lauder socialmedia ad! She will probably work as hard to clean her name.

#4 Diyana on 12.05.14 at 8:13 am

Maybe she was not at Givenchy my mistake

#5 Ellington on 12.07.14 at 4:55 pm

Apparently Kendall is now dropping the Jenner from her name,s he wishes to be called Kendall.
I am not a fan, and to be honest I do not remember seeing her in anything as she does not strike me as memorable. It is just the Jenner/Kardashian name and fame attached to her.
She is not the first to ply on a family name, both Jagger daughters, and various other actors daughters and sons and rockstar daughters and sons have used their easy access nepotism. It is not fair when you really look at it but sadly that is the way of this world.
Kendall is pretty as are all of her sisters but she is nothing really striking or memorable.
If she did not have the Jenner name with the Kardashian association she would just be another face in the runway crowd trying to get noticed.

#6 Emmanuelle on 08.17.15 at 2:52 am

I’ve defended Kendall. A lot. Okay I am not a fan of the Kardashians, but this girl is beautiful, and even if she wasn’t part of this family she would have been a model. The thing is she has to work. Since I’ve seen more pictures of her, editorials and campaigns, she relies too much on her natural beauty. Being a model is not about being pretty ! On every picture she makes the same face, no emotion, nothing at all. She is bland. But you know, she is famous and bankable, so it is okay ! It is sad to think about fame before talent :(

#7 kpriss on 08.17.15 at 3:32 am

Overhype can do that to an unprepared face. She reminds people too much of her famous family, just like Kristen Stewart did back in the Twilight fame days… I came across a picture of Kim K holding her girl in the front row, while attending a fashion show next to Anna W, Bey and Jay and more. But the toddler was fighting and screaming – what’s the use? That family is too much sometimes and they’re getting between the world and fashion now :(

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