Sofia Coppola, The Style Icon Profiled In Vogue Australia

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What is it about Sofia Coppola that gives such an aura of cool and romantic, of girly and un-shallow at the same time? Whatever it is, the lady has a class of her own and it was about time Vogue acknowledged it. Sure it’s still a movie that’s bringing Sofia Coppola to light and not a random merit ‘because she’s worth it’ but we’re used to that by now, right? We only focus on people when they become relevant. It’s how the fast, modern times work. Sadly.

But you know, Sofia is really worth it. She’s worth every profiling, every spotlight, every accolade. She’s a woman with a notorious name/pedigree who worked herself up on the ladder in her own way. In her own terms. More: she’s a woman in her (beautiful) 40s who can make it on the cover of Vogue without making it about her age (take note, Anna)!

Sofia Coppola Vogue Australia August 2013 cover

But for someone who started acting when still in diapers (at 1, she was starring in The Godfather), her life was a continuous adventure in both film and fashion. Who, among you, are aware that rumors place her at Chanel as an intern? Or that before college she started a clothing label (Milkfed) which is still going strong, in Asia?

Sofia Coppola Vogue Australia August 2013

She has an Oscar and every three years or so, another one of her widely appreciated movies come up only to charm us and deepen our love for someone who wrote and directed a movie about mid life crisis in her burgeoning 30s. Sofia lives in her own world, she’s the quiet little lady who knows everyone and follows her vision with drive and creativity. She is one of the most interesting people style-wise and inspiration-wise of this generation.

Sofia Coppola profiled in Vogue Australia

Ever since Marc Jacobs engaged her in his advertising, worked a fashion line with her for Louis Vuitton, Sofia was constantly on my mind. Her incredibly discrete style but her amazing consistency were something I definitely looked up to. Her effortless creativity and undeniable femininity were ideally blend in one lovely lady that seems forever young, endlessly teenager-ish and walking-on-clouds dreamy.

Sofia Coppola in Hermes Vogue Australia August 2013

Vogue Australia’s August 2013 profile on Sofia Coppola, although revolving around her newest film, The Bling Ring (with Emma Watson and Taissa Farmiga among others, again, young actors who always seem to inspire and drive Sofia Coppola’s movie making mechanism) is another proof of her timeless, impeccable style. They didn’t even bother to change her makeup or her look from one picture to another – save for one image where Sofia’s hair is pulled back in a low bun and she’s looking away through the window, masterfully captured its full romantic flavor with a little help from Paul Jasmin’s lenses.

Sofia Coppola pink Louis Vuitton dress Vogue Australia

The clothes they chose for her keep true to her personal style with muted neutral tones (dusted pink, charcoal gray and a white shirt) and legendary labels such as Hermes, Rochas, Tiffany and, Vuitton biensur. Something we could definitely see Sofia wear just as much as she would put on a simple white tee, a ripped jeans mini skirt and a pair of Birkenstock sandals. Because, with Sofia Coppola, it’s all effortless and creatively simple.

Sofia Coppola photographed for Vogue Australia

Sofia Coppola Louis Vuitton dress Vogue Australia

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