The Big Lebowski And A Supermodel Wear Marc O’Polo This Fall!

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And these are just two reasons why the newly-released Marc O’Polo Fall Winter 2013 2014 Ad Campaign is my favorite fashion ad campaign this season. The Dude&Amber Valletta pictured together by Mario Sorrenti wearing some classic casual looks would definitely make it into a poster have I had the hi-res pictures in my hands.

But this only comes to confirm something I learned over the years about Swedish brands: they just grown on you until you discover so many things you like about them that you’re a loyal customer. A faithful admirer. A fan.

The Big Lebowski and a supermodel wear Marc O Polo

As opposed the loud aesthetic of Tommy Hilfiger, the main US competitor of Marc O’Polo, the latter is a subtle game of Nordic whites and neutrals, of classic and established casual timeless elegance. But what am I saying? They’ve been pairing up models for seasons on but if it weren’t for Jeff Bridges and Amber Valletta, I might have never opened the Marc O’Polo topic with such unreserved reverence and undissimulated admiration!

Jeff Bridges Marc O Polo Fall 2013 ad campaign

Jeff Bridges, who’s currently starring in one of this summer’s most expected movies, R.I.P.D. is one of my favorite actors and a true example for fashionable individuals across the world. Being a style maven at 63? Yes, definitely! Just look at the man and admire his class! The Sartorialist is now green with envy it wasn’t him behind the camera!

Amber Valletta Marc O Polo Fall 2013 ad campaign

As for Amber Valletta, though she’s not listed in any of this year’s movie casts, she does seem to have something prepared for 2014 release, but for TV distribution (a TV movie called ‘Legends’). Past movies (think of Hitch and Gamer, for instance), however, demonstrated her acting talents and strengthened her iconic beauty status. She makes a wonderful pair with Jeff Bridges for this ad campaign – entitled, as Vogue Germany reports, ‘Follow Your Nature’, one of the most pleasant surprises for seasons on!

Jeff Bridges Marc O Polo campaign Mario Sorrenti

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#1 Appollonia on 07.16.13 at 1:49 pm

OMG, I love Jeff Bridges! I love him all my life. Still one of the best actors and a great looking man. Still awesome looking at 63….sighs…..

Amber Valletta acts as she looks on this photos. Sorry…

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