Men Drool Over Marisa Miller’s Golden Dress In R.I.P.D.

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When you’re going to watch a movie with Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds, for which you’ve only seen the movie poster from a distant corner-eyes glance, you’re not expecting a Victoria’s Secret model to star in… Right?

Right. I wasn’t. However, when the said model is introduced in a key scene of the movie, how would you expect her to be like? With or sans clothes? How about a golden bandage mini-dress? That would do, wouldn’t it? With the appropriate curly blowout, the type you’d only see on Victoria’s Secret Show catwalk and a giant pair of hoop earrings! There’s a high probability that, if you’re a man reading the above-description, you would most likely consider watching the R.I.P.D. movie for all the Marisa Miller action scenes (hint: it involves a lot of drooling but also a lot of rough playing!)

Marisa Miller scenes RIPD movie

As you know my ‘movie reviewing’ by now, I will refrain myself from revealing any plot details that would turn into spoilers as I personally avoid this type of reading previous to actually watching the movie. Back to Marisa Miller, then. Or Opal Pavlenko in R.I.P.D.! You may remember her as she used to walk the Victoria’s Secret runway next to all the other angels who, one by one, retired from the said catwalk to pursue other interests. Among them is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who, although hasn’t broke any Sports Illustrated Swimsuits sales records like Marisa, announced she’s serious about acting, after starring in the latest Transformers movie.

Part of the advantages of casting a VS model in a movie, is her flawless physical frame. Rosie had plenty of show-off scenes in Transformers, so don’t expect less from Marisa Miller in R.I.P.D! However, Robert Schwentke is no Michael Bay and as his previous directing projects may hint to it (he also directed The Time Traveler’s Wife, Fightplan and even the pilot episode from one of my favorite TV series ever, Lie to Me); Robert has a more subtle approach to femininity. And you may discover you’ll be thankful for that discretion and delicacy in filming Marisa, a gorgeous woman wearing a tight short dress involved in heavy action scenes!

Marisa Miller gorgeous golden dress RIPD

A tight short dress from Herve Leger, nonetheless. Marisa has a longtime love story with Herve Leger bandage dresses so this is not really a surprise, seeing her wear one for a high-profile movie such as this. She’s hiding that gorgeous body and glove-fitting dress underneath a rather large, black trench coat that she keeps, most of the times, buttoned up. Feel free to speculate over what she might or might not have underneath that trench coat. Like I said, the director is more subtle about portraying Marisa’s irresistible appeal as he is about more aspects of the plot where we could’ve used less subtlety…

Marisa Miller perfect blowout in RIPD

But this is, however, a summer movie, and it should be taken lightly. If you’re a fan of Men in Black, you would probably find R.I.P.D. most enjoyable. I’m guessing that a possible sequel may happen, but that’s only up to the box-office success to engage. If those responsible for script optimizations should ever stumble on this story, please note that I would love it if the writers of R.I.P.D. and any other movie, would keep in mind that it’s up to them to engage and compliment the audience’s curiosity and intelligence. And this movie, although highly promising, could’ve been so much better than it actually turned out!

Jeff Bridges RIPD scene

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