10 Fabulous Home Interior Steals From Anna Wintour’s New Vogue Office

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Vogue is a pioneer in more ways than one. This time, it’s beyond fashion as we’d expect it with Conde Nast moving to their One World Trade Center Headquarters. A groundbreaking decision which could amp up the commercial value of the 104-stories building lacking serious renting appeal due to its Twin Towers proximity karma.

We’re setting everything aside, focusing on Vogue’s new digs, particularly on Anna Wintour’s office. She is, after all, a woman of extraordinary fashion influence, who else is better for a home fashion inspiration moment? Starting with:

10 home office decor ideas from Anna Wintour Vogue Office

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1. Dark desk If you’re partial to a lighter aesthetic, consider changing for a dark office desk and see how you can cope with the new style perspective. Anna likes her classic-looking desk on the chocolate end of the spectrum! Dark is in Vogue!

Anna Wintour office desk inspiration

Anna Wintour sure loves her dark desk, maybe a simple, dark desk like this one might be the unexpected fashion refreshment of your work space!

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2. Industrial simple office chairs Metal office chairs may not be the first seating solution for long working hours. Anna likes her Xavier Pauchard iconic Tolix chairs, you might give them a reasonable try. It’s about time you gave up the rotating chair cliché and offer your office guests the same kind of chair you’re using!

Anna Wintour office chairs Tolix

Anna Wintour loves her office chairs (including her own) on the industrial side. Get your own set of Tolix chairs here

3. White shade table lamp While a total industrial look to match the chairs style would’ve implied a metal desk lamp, Anna likes her office on the stylish side, thus opting for a classy and classic table lamp with light shade and trompe l’oeuil scalloped print. Pass the clip-on work lamp to your kids and look for an oversized buffet lamp like Anna’s!

Anna Wintour office desk lamp inspiration

Anna Wintour keeps a classic shaded lamp on her desk. Try this similar lamp to Vogue-up your classy desk!

4. Large storage basket Pick a natural weaved basket to keep your dirty office work! An XXLarge weaved storage basket with hangers is so cozy and unexpected! Especially next to metal chairs and classic office lamps! Besides, it looks like a stool so for those who are tempted to sit on it, on your side of the desk, there’s a serious surprise right there! (well played, Anna!)

Anna Wintour office storage basket

get your storage on the natural side with a basket like Anna Wintour’s, available here

5. Fresh flowers desk bouquet Flowers are so inspiring! Especially when you’re in a city office, there’s nothing like a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers to keep you smiling and positive! Forget plastic and fabric alternatives, opt for a natural bouquet instead, just like Anna likes hers!

Anna Wintour office inspiration fresh flowers

6. Ceramic Vases for storage and decoration Ceramic vases make a very interesting décor addition for any interior. Especially if there’s a special meaning attached to them – a place you’ve visited, a loved one who hand painted a gift for you or an empty vase waiting for a lovely bouquet! Pick yours colorful, just like Anna’s and your work space will get an instant colorful value!

Anna Wintour office decoration ceramic vases

make your work place inspiring and colorful with ceramic vases like the ones Anna Wintour keeps on her desk

7. Gallery wall Frame images that matter most or you feel inspired by! Anna not only has her personal gallery wall but she’s also keeping framed pictures (mostly black and white) laying by the window! Some posters look cool just laying instead of hanging… (pick dark frames where possible and highly contrasting images)

Anna Wintour Vogue office decoration wall art

Anna Wintour’s Vogue office looks like a gallery! You can transform your work place with similar framed posters!

8. Forget curtains! Curtains and work spaces don’t make a good match! Pleated stores, at most, in a similar palette with your entire room or nothing at all! You need broad perspective for a global work approach! Especially if you’re working in the third tallest building in the world, like Anna does! Even if you’re working in your home office, opt for natural light instead of covering your windows. The view matters!

Anna Wintour Vogue office natural light

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9. Use books to decorate Fancy coffee table books don’t belong in shelving units! They need to be stacked pretty much everywhere there’s a flat surface. Picking them up, going through them can be such a resourceful, inspiring, relaxing activity! Books are good, keep them at hand, in plain view, like Anna!

Anna Wintour Vogue Office fashion books

for inspiration and reference, take Anna Wintour’s example and keep fashion books around your work space! Chanel, Tom Ford and Vogue have published books of reference for anyone who has passion for fashion & style!

10. Pops of color in neutral interiors Your work space is just a blank canvas for your ideas. Use pops of lively colors for a surprising effect and invigorating mood. Boxes, vases, different textures and materials layer up in your visual repertoire to better stimulate your potential.

Anna Wintour home office inspiration pops of color

Anna Wintour uses colorful accents around her Vogue office! You can use similar items to break the neutral interior and spice up the decor of your work space!


#1 Ana on 11.25.14 at 11:22 am

Many many years ago I had a gallery of black and white pictures (some were ripped pages of magazines,Vogue mostly, not real photography) just laying on the wall, not hanging. I had seem it in a R.Lauren catalogue and thought it was soo über chic and decided I had to have the same at home.
A friend come to visit us and commented something like : ” Your home is so beautiful. I will ask my husband to come here and hang your pictures.” I thought she was joking and laughed. A few days later her husband REALLY showed up with a drill…

#2 kpriss on 11.25.14 at 11:47 pm

oh, my?! Did you let him?
We have framed posters too, laying on the floor, by the walls. I never seem to bring myself around to decide to really drill the walls. What if I change my mind about their position? So instead I only use painter’s adhesive tape to hang the kids drawings. The craziest ones, of course ;-)

#3 Ana on 11.26.14 at 5:44 pm

No… but he fixed some shelves for the books. I am obsessed with books.

#4 Nicholas D on 04.30.16 at 2:11 pm

That 1WTC office looks soooooooh sad.

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