Multitasker Karl Lagerfeld Vs Superheroes Kids: The Business Of Fashion Vs The Business Of Good

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For over 60 years, Karl Lagerfeld has built an impressive career in fashion and continues to influence modern day trends with the same thirst for new and the same impressive stamina.

From behind shaded eyes, der Kaiser, as he’s affectionately called by the fashion population, seems to have a mythical clairvoyance on all things fashion and style, leading the Chanel maison, Fendi, his own label and numerous side projects. He’s fashion’s Steve Jobs: always dressed the same, always brilliant at what he does in a ruthlessly ever-changing industry.

Karl Lagerfeld multihand cover BoF vs children with prosthetics

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From the cover of the next edition of Imran Amed’s Business of Fashion, Karl Lagerfeld makes a stunning impression as an eight-armed polymath. The term was initially encountered during the Renaissance, and attributed to the grand Leonardo Da Vinci, among others. Comparing Lagerfeld with DaVinci may sound farfetched for some, but for the industry in question, Karl truly is a dazzling multitasker.

We’re still mourning the premature loss of Steve Jobs, let’s praise our geniuses while they’re still with us! Lagerfeld, now 81, although unstoppable, is definitely a living legend.

Karl Lagerfeld Business of Fashion cover by Toiletpaper

The irony of our days, however, is not to be ignored: while Lagerfeld strikes his usual pose with multiplied arms actively engaging around his body, subduing the world in the creative homage imagined by ‘Toiletpaper’, children around the world are being bullied, going through unimaginable situations because… well… they lack what we take for granted. Some children are born with specific conditions which prevents them from having a fully developed hand (while still have one that’s entirely normal).

3D printers have been put to work for these children, now bringing an entirely new dimension to their fantastic aura: superheroes prosthetic arms. Blessed be their innocent hearts, the joy they express when the miracle of having two hands is happening to them, is simply overwhelming:

‘He wanted an Iron Man Hand… as soon as he put it on and was able to close the hand, his face just lit up: ‘I can hold my own hand! His hand will be refitted as he gets older. Some of them [children with the same condition as little Rayven Kahae’s] right now are being teased in school because they don’t have a hand or they’re different. But once they hand their hand, their self-confidence is gonna get through the roof.’ declared Rulan Waikiki, Grandmother of 4yo lucky boy Rayven Kahae who received a prosthetic hand through E-Nabling the Future‘s program

Volunteers all over the world make the miracle of having two hands possible, contributing with donations for the E-Nabling The Future movement. We discussed the brilliancy of a superheroes makeover for children healthcare. Little is being made in this field where there are needs far greater than following a new fashion trend every 3 months.

enabling the future prosthetic wolverine hand

Polymaths, get your hands and brains together for the greater good!

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