Sofia Coppola’s Home

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Now this was on my desktop for weeks, trying to squeeze it in. And today I finally decided to let myself go with it and write about it! (ah, the courage! – wink – )

(here I initially inserted this huge paragraph about our Adored Home – wink – but then I said to myself maybe you won’t be interested in reading that, so I moved it after the jump! Fell free to enjoy it after the fist image!) So this is Sofia Coppola’s New York Apartment. Or so I read. The images I put together here come from more than just one photo shoot so that’s why you’ll see Sofia dressed in more than one outfit, with hair not as long in all photographs! Either way, I’m happy to declare I found my dream sandals! Do hit the jump to read all about that (and so much more)!

Sofia Coppola in her apartment

Every now and then, I write about someone’s famous home. Or at least one of his / her houses. And I’m loving it! I’m such a sucker for everything and anything interior decoration! One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to ease up on the home decoration – I usually immerse myself in home deco and do and redo a room from the house (on paper) several times over before I call it final. Last year we pretty much managed to finish the living room, the kitchen (all white! I love it!), the entry hall, the small office downstairs, the kids rooms upstairs aaaand… well. I’m not done yet! I covered pretty much the base with furniture and curtains but now I’m at the hardest part – decorating the entire place!

Sofia Coppola in her apartment bedroom

Getting back to Sofia Coppola’s place: the photos, as I understand, were occasioned by her collaboration with Louis Vuitton. You see her LV bags and shoes all over the place. Now – about the shoes: do you notice a particularly beautiful suede black platform sandal Sofia is wearing in several pictures? THOSE are the ones I want! Right. Now! Remember when Sofia showed up at Cannes wearing a really similar pair of suede platforms? Soooo similar! I’m sure those are from her collection too!

Sofia Coppola s home sectional

Now about the place in general: I love it! It’s simple, it’s peaceful, the interiors carry very personal notes (how about that pictures wall? Lovely!), very much Sofia! It’s warm, it looks cozy and totally like a home! How do you like it? (the funny thing: I found the images published on a website called I want to be a Coppola! Cute, isn’t it?)

Sofia Coppola s home picture wall

Sofia Coppola s home

Sofia Coppola s apartment

Sofia Coppola s apartment blue couch

Sofia Coppola s home details


#1 Riana on 01.12.12 at 10:55 am

It’s indeed a very nice home. But how is this a home where children can play like children? Poor Romy and Cosima or do they have a playroom?
Sofia probably earned some money for decoration with this ad/report photoshoot for LV?

Kpriss, I’d regret my white appartment. Very much….:((

#2 kpriss on 01.12.12 at 11:00 am

no chance for a redecoration soon? We too wanted an all white house. Except for the doors, stairs and some of the furniture, the rest is white (walls and the little office downstairs – white furniture, white office). I find it far more soothing and cozier than anything colored (actually you saw bits and pieces of our Adored Home when we did the Levi’s “photoshoot” remember? ;) )

#3 Riana on 01.13.12 at 6:04 am

Not in the mood Kpriss. All that dust and mess….Everything white has to go…..I loved it the first years. Love is over. I have colourful furniture though, cushions and such, wooden floors, oakwood bookshelves. Books and cd’s/vynil gives alot of colour besides I like them for the reasons they are meant to be and have them around me. They’ve disappeared from living rooms almost everywhere. I guess I’m old fashioned :)

I liked you and what I saw of your home on the photos; looked very familiar. Remember ;)

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