It’s Ok To Be Imperfectly Dressed!

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You know all those theories about individuals trying to break free from all the clichés of their upbringing? Have you ever tried the freeing technique from outside in? Like freeing from your wardrobe?

Feeling guilty has become so much part of our existence that we can actually spend more of our time feeling guilty than happy – and that includes our wardrobe as well! Guilty individuals are never really free. To express themselves, to really be themselves and to enjoy themselves! What if we’d change that? Let’s take one of the latest examples into consideration: Gisele Bundchen completely uncovering her statuesque self on the cover of Vogue Brasil May 2015 – scroll down to see her!

it s ok to be imperfectly dressed

One of the world’s most recognized and appreciated models, Gisele announced her catwalk retirement after a two decades runway career. While the move isn’t unheard of, Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr having made their respective catwalk official retirement years ago and still be featured here and there in fashion shows, Gisele is one of the latest models to be regarded as ‘super’ in the industry.

Gisele Bundchen Vogue Brasil cover May 2015

Feels like an era is drawing to an end. Naturally, conclusions and retrospectives were imposed on this announcement. Gisele’s modeling star was rising to fame when the likes of Naomi and Kate, Nadja and Helena were on the cover of fashion magazines and on pretty much every runway of the fashion industry. Now not only the supers are out, but Gisele is also leaving the catwalk! That’s not to say that she’s shutting the door to the fashion industry. No, she’ll still do editorial work or ad campaigns!

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But no more glamorous catwalks for Gisele Bundchen!

Heidi Klum outfits on and off the Red Carpet

another famous model who announced she would be leaving the catwalk duties 4 years ago, Heidi Klum likes to dress casually outside of Red Carpet events

Today’s culture has labeled most models with a ‘style icon’ attribute. Thousand of photographs of off-duty models, models running from show-to-show, from casting-to-casting, from party-to-party fill the internet every season, making fashionistas go out of their minds after things models were seen wearing! Trends are born this way, fashion styles that are regarded as cool and off-beat, straight from the heart of the fashion industry, as seen on the models!

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That’s creepy! The thought that you can’t go to the groceries store without putting on your best makeup or your designer dress is such a ginormous strain on every girl out there that I had to say something about it! I had to step out and say: relax! It’s ok! It’s perfectly ok to dress down! It’s perfectly ok to be imperfectly dressed!

Gisele Bundchen off duty outfit

Look at Gisele! 20 years of catwalking and she goes out with her kids dressed like above?! She’s a fashion disaster with unnaturally long legs and fabulous physical features but still a fashion disaster! In terms of avant-garde style, of fashion je-ne-sais-quoi, Gisele Bundchen looks like she dressed herself in the dark! Everything she had on went fabulously on a separate mix&match ensemble!

So if Gisele can do that, after all those years, after all the time she’s been world’s best-paid model, we can’t? Seriously?

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#1 Adriana V on 05.15.15 at 6:27 am

Assuming Vogue is a fashion magazine I think that cover is the only real fashion disaster here.


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