Fashion Lies: Kerry Washington Without Makeup And Karlie Kloss With Bra

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In a world where we wouldn’t all first judge on appearance, this headline (and following story) wouldn’t have been possible. However, trying to bend the rules demands a swift play and twist on the rules. Today we look beyond covers and ad campaigns. Let’s go to the source of Kerry Washington’s new Allure cover and Karlie Kloss’s Nike advertorial.

Allure November 2014 has a special cover girl: Kerry Washington. Known (lately) as Olivia Pope in her new TV hit show Scandal, Kerry is one of today’s most appreciated actresses, thus a potential role model. Bringing her on a magazine cover with the ‘no-makeup’ label has a heavy impact on the audience. Makeup and photo-retouching have been around in fashion and beauty for longer than we remember, so it’s always major to have someone breaching that ground rule.

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Kerry Washington without makeup vs Allure cover

However, a little over a week after the famous ‘no makeup’ cover and pictorial have dropped, Kerry Washington herself steps out during her sit-down with ‘The View’ ladies and declares what we were suspecting all along – that she was wearing some sort of makeup for that session! She sure is brave to make such comments that may lift up the magic veil of media from her honest self!

‘It is a no-makeup look but I do have some makeup on,’ Kerry said. ‘I’m going to be honest because I think it’s unfair when we tell women they should look like something that’s not real.’

Kerry Washington without makeup Allure magazine

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Sure, it’s hardly the type of makeup that would take her chin-up in the Red Carpet spotlight, but Carter Smith photographed Kerry in November’s Allure with the help of an entire team! Styled by Paul Cavaco, with hair by Serge Normant and makeup by Dotti, Kerry manages a very makeup-ed version of her no-makeup face!

Kerry Washington without makeup with makeup

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Karlie Kloss, one of the world’s most appreciated models right now, is a young slender, very athletic model with a dream body for many of us. Her endless pins and her playful smile, her perfect runway walk, Karlie is a model through and through. True, we all had difficulties seeing her as Victoria’s Secret lingerie model since the 6’1” (1.85m) model’s measurements read 34-23-34 (86-58-86) and 125 lbs (57kg). Tough act to put curves on! But we all agreed that lingerie is a fantastic industry, thus a little magic always helps.

Karlie Kloss Victoria s Secret

However, we all know that between the fitness industry and the lingerie industry a clear line is drawn, right where the body values are. Where lingerie plays softly on intimacy and cover-ups, the industries catering to the fitness concepts reaches out to your strongest self possible. No cover-ups but hard work. Not many know this, but before she was conquering the catwalks, Karlie was a hard trained ballerina. Her entire body and her fabulous runway walk were shaped and educated in intensive ballet training.

Karlie Kloss before after Photoshop Numero

Her body has been photographed in many body-focused pictorials in fashion magazines. Of course, fashion people have precious, sensitive eyes, protruding bones scratch their over-styled retinas, so they need to be rounded, retouched. Not too sharp edges. Time and time again, Karlie proved to be on top of her fashion & body game. Her joyful ways and perfectly fit body took her further than Victoria’s Secret angels rows and into Nike’s training quarters. As unlikely as this would’ve been back in Vogue Italia’s body issue (or maybe exactly because of that issue), Karlie Kloss is now advertising for Nike: a wonderful initiative if it weren’t for padded bras. So Karlie was the perfect image for Nike for their Fall 2014 collection, especially the Nike Pro Bra collection as she declared herself in a sitdown with Self magazine:

‘I’ve always loved Nike’s focus on power and movement. Working out is about being strong and their apparel is meticulously designed to support every athlete. I’m a big fan of the new Nike Pro Bra collection. The fit is perfect and functional, whether I’m running, training, cycling or dancing. With that said, I love the whole collection.’

Nike ads changed Karlie Kloss body

But her natural cup-size wasn’t fit enough for Nike. What type of data about the Nike consumers draws attention on their cup size? What serious training routine emphasizes on a generous bust for better training? Why should we cope with an artificially enhanced curve and make that a (fake) target for our future fitter selves?

Karlie Kloss new bra size Nike ads

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Style is based on attitude. Style is based on how you wear your clothes, on how you make fashion your own. How you make your image your own. What makes the most stylish persons out there role models? The way they keep on being consistent and true to their own style. Don’t fake it, OWN it! Don’t put makeup on it, SHOW it! Don’t pad it, WORK it! Don’t lie to yourself about fashion, EDUCATE yourself!

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#1 Ana on 11.10.14 at 5:39 am

I love the fact that the “no make up ” look takes as long to get perfect as the full make up one. And the same amount of products. Rather ironic, isn’t it ?
I absolutely adore the “laissez-faire” hair on the cover. It seems to be a big trend which I’ve been seeing frequently on red carpets. Lately , I find perfectly coiffed women quite boring ( unless you are a matron, of course ).

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