Fun Gadgets For Star Wars Lego Fans And More

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Now that you got me started, you know I love a good gadget every now and then, but if you like some too, the better! Legos. Our little full house is full of them! And if you haven’t felt the bliss yet, all you need is step on a Lego to feel just how deep the love for them runs! Straight to your heart and then some! You don’t need to curse anyone farther than ‘I hope you step on a Lego!’ – it’s the very peak of cruelty, made in geek chic!

Yeah, but they’re also the most amazing toys ever conceived. Lego bricks are just madly versatile and a must-have at any age. Talking about their versatility: The StormstrooperTM Key Light is now available for purchase. Joining a long list of Lego keychains of which I will particularly highlight the classic Lego brick and some more after the jump!

Lego Star Wars Keychain light

Because you need that Lego brick at hand in your life. You just never know! And a Wonderwoman or a Superman hanging on your respective keys is always a great gift idea! Of course, some of them are marked with an ‘out of stock’ label on the lego shop website, but that’s not going to stop us from discussing about how great fun they are!

lovely Lego keychain light

Legos. Keychains. Startroopers and Penguins and so many more, they make a lovely geek chic statement and an useful gadget: how many times have I missed having a tiny LED attached to my keys! I know, I’m getting older, but I’m not giving up my geek chic vibe!

Wonder woman Superman Lego keychain lights

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#1 Ellington on 05.15.13 at 2:55 pm

I do hope that you know that it goes without saying that I NEED the Wonder Woman Lego keyring? : )
I love Lego and all of their computer games! So much fun! : )

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