Must Wear This Summer: Stackable Colorful Leather Bracelets

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Now that the festival season has kicked in and it’s that beautiful grass&music time again, I’d like to present you with one of my favorite accessories for this season: stackable bracelets. Especially the leather kind!

I’m usually a black or tan kind of leather girl, but these colorful leather wraps stole my heart! They’re so summer-appropriate, so joyful! And that’s and attribute I don’t usually associate with leather works. Except these. Wrap leather bracelets make my heart swoon and I can’t think of anything right now (except for, maybe, glitter?) other than these fine leather wraps around my (sunkissed) wrists.

stackable colorful leather bracelets

They go well with any color, in any outfit combination: coral, hot pink and tan – what more could you wish for? All must wear summer colors stacked on your forearm! They come straight from Spain, Mallorca, via Makunaima’s Etsy Store, feel free to look for her and be charmed as I was by this completely accidental found! Oh – daydreaming – aren’t they just beautiful?

colorful leather wrap bracelets on Etsy

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