The New Must-Try Bralette: McQueen’s Leather Lace Harness Bralette

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Fall is coming. Are you ready? I’m not. I’d like to hold on to summer. To hold on to summer clothes, to summer food, to summer vacations, to summer glow and summer hair.

I actually have a trick to help me get over the summer bathing suit blues – I focus on the lingerie drawer for the colder months. As the latest in lingerie is the ‘plain sight’ trick, we’ve seen so many undies embracing the aesthetic transformation of the once simple support function of intimate wear! Wearing your lingerie as an actual garment is a thing, people!

lace leather bralette mcqueen

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Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2015 2016 collection

Now: just because a little peaking is allowed, doesn’t mean you have to go all crazy and show your bra with every chance you get or sit comfortably even though your panties stubbornly peak out from under the low-waist trousers! That’s not subtle. And subtle is where you want your lingerie peaking to be!

I’m sure you already knew that, I just like to hear myself saying it… raising toddlers does that to a (normal) person.

Body Harness is a fashion ‘thing’. I’m sure you already knew that too, I just repeat it for myself for the past 4 years… trying to convince my fashion self that SM/Bondage isn’t just a bedroom thing does that to a (normal) person.

McQueen FW 15-16 collection leather bra

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While I still have to harness this style (pun intended), Alexander McQueen (and since his passing, Sarah Burton) has never been one to shy away from Bondage infusions in the maison’s collections. The Harness is a constant presence on the McQueen runway – clothes or shoes, accessories more or less obvious, but still there.

Alexander McQueen harness throughout the years

This season, Sarah Burton and her talented team innovated the harness and the delicate bralette by blending the two in a leather lace harness bralette for fall winter 2015-2016! Judging by the looks of it, we’ll be seeing much of this novelty around – it’s the perfect accessory for harness-shy people like myself and for bralette aficionados like many of us out there!

Alexander McQueen fw 15 16 fashion show details

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Alexander McQueen leather harness bralette black

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Alexander McQueen leather bralette

While the original item, from Alexander McQueen, may be a bit steep to purchase, some affordable designs can still be found, only instead of the exquisite leather lace, fabric lace is a more democratic option. We’ve all seen the many buckles and leather strip harnesses for years now – some of you may have already tried them – how do you feel now about the new harness bralettes?

And, most importantly – how would you wear such a Victorian, Gothic element – as underwear or as fashion over-accessory? (images courtesy styledotcom, images below: L asosdotcom, R freepeopledotcom)

the new lingerie trend harness bra bralette

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