$1.5Million Gold Dress By Zac Posen For Ice Cream Commercial!

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Remember we talked about Karl Lagerfeld and his Magnum ads? Well, it appears Magnum has a weakness for designers as they approached Project Runway judge and all around magnificent designer Zac Posen for a special kind of advertising.

Something that would involve both fashion and ice cream. And all in the name of Gold! Magnum Gold, biensur! For the commercial aptly named “As Good as Gold’ starring True Blood’s Joe Manganiello and Angelina Jolie’s Brazilian double, Caroline Correa, Zac Posen created a special kind of dress made of gold worth a total of $1.5 Million! Crazy, huh?

Now that you’ve heard what a dress is worth, imagine what the entire marketing project is worth! After all, it’s Zac Posen, right? Magnum ice-cream was just a sweet pretext to highlight his fashion grandeur once more! Because, if you’ll watch the video below, you’ll suddenly realize that Karl Lagerfeld may have had his weaknesses for Baptiste and Rachel Bilson, but he looked more like an authentic ice-cream fan while Zac here seems a gold&glitz fanatic.

Zac Posen gold dress Magnum

In short, my dahlings, the dress worn by Caroline Correa in the commercial is made of 24karat gold foil appliqué on sequins. The scale-like look of the dress is supposed to hint back as ice cream drippings and, thus, send you straight into the first store, buying loads of ice cream. The Magnum variety, biensur.

Zac Posen creating the dress for Magnum

gold sequins dress by Zac Posen for Magnum

Beyond the flowy appearance of the gown lies a lot more than just fine sheets of gold – as Posen himself said:

I’m a perfectionist so once we had the fittings with Caroline, we started tweaking and fixing things to highlight her body. Underneath there’s a serious couture structure, even though it looks like a bias moving dress. And it’s priceless.

Now that you watched the commercial, do you feel the ice-cream urge already?

Carolina Correa wearing the gold dress by Zac Posen

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