Random Fashion Fact Of The Day: UGGs No Goods

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You ever felt like you wanted something (we’re talking fashion, don’t let that out of your sight) everybody was wearing? But somehow knew it wasn’t for you? What? I’m losing you? Well, it’s like that: I always kind of wanted my own pair of UGG boots. Because they otherworldly comfy and keep one’s feet reaaaally warm. And they have this off beat look like they’re the anti – fashion fashionable item out there. Oh, and also – you just slip right in, no fuss, no zippers, no laces, no nada! Just slip right in and you’re good to go!

There’s no telling who – of the famous ones – wore it first, but the truth is that UGGs, much like jeggings and Hunter rubber boots became this huge fashion epidemic that kept on spreading out of control. And you know what you can do when it just outgrows you? This:

ugg sweatshirt

Today, dahlings, the Random Fashion Fact of the Day is brought to you by Friends. Friends who Don’t Let Friends Wear UGGs. Can we get a pass at home, at least? Pretty please?

One of these days, they’re gonna write in sequins on a darling silk top yet another fashion dissing ‘friends don’t let friends wear sweatshirts’. What goes around, comes around!


#1 Appollonia on 01.31.13 at 7:40 am

Ugh, I hate T-shirts and sweaters with texts. I love to wear my UGGs at home. Right now I have comfortable warm feet, low temperature, lower energy bill and when I use less energy it’s good for Mother Nature as well.

UGGs at home are eco friendly dahlings! ;)

#2 Ellington on 01.31.13 at 11:46 am

I like my UGGS for they are warm and they serve me well during Canadian winters. They come in many different styles and are comfy, to this t-shirt I say “Fie”! :)

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